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Welcome to 2050 Healthcare – Your Trusted Healthcare Partner At 2050 Healthcare, we stand at the forefront of healthcare excellence in India, offering an array of top-tier medical services designed to cater to your needs. [More]
The University Eye Center’s chief for Neuro-Optometric Vision Rehabilitation, Dr. Daniella Rutner, discusses how traumatic brain injury can affect vision and what we can do to help those who are struggling.
Recognising the Criticality of Stroke: Insights from Dr Rajesh Kumar V.K. Dr Rajesh Kumar V.K., a distinguished Consultant in Neurology at Narayana Hospital, Guwahati, recently shed light on the importance of understanding and managing strokes. [More]
Join Arkady Frekhtman as he delves into the unpredictable nature of concussion durations, from short-term recoveries to lifelong impacts, shedding light on the complexities of traumatic brain injuries. Frekhtman & Associates specializes in serious and [More]
Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) change the signals between neurons in your brain. Years later, long-term symptoms like memory loss, sleep changes and difficulty with everyday tasks can persist. Neuroscientist Theresa Currier Thomas, PhD, describes how [More]
Despite the growing recognition of the risks associated with head injury, many questions remain. How does damage happen? What effects can it have in the days afterward? And what are the long-term consequences to the [More]
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