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http://braininjuryhelp.com 1-800-992-9447 This video was made for our TBI Voices project. We interviewed thirty real life survivors of brain injury. In these interviews we talked to the survivors about how they became brain injured and [More]
Bruises are the most common type of bleeding into the skin. They usually appear as red, blue, black or purple spots and may develop after an injury. Bruises can appear a few different ways: Petechiae [More]
Occupational therapist Kristen Maisano, OTD talks about meeting patients were they are right now and creating step-by-step goals that take on challenges but in a methodical and careful way to effectively retrain the brain.
The goal of teenagers is to find out who they are. How does a brain injury at 15, 16, 17 years of age change all of that?
Dr. Herman Lukow talks about how people after a brain injury sometimes have to learn new ways to be resilient and positive in the face of challenges and adversity. Learn more about Dr. Herman Lukow [More]
Munster Rugby Head of Medical Dr. Jamie Kearns provides an in-depth explanation of the Head Injury Assessment process and the work carried out by the staff and coaches with the squad during pre-season. Jamie speaks [More]
Jason Padgett grew up struggling in school — until one night in 2002 when he was attacked in a bar and everything changed. Padgett said after the incident, he was using areas of the brain [More]
Despite the growing recognition of the risks associated with head injury, many questions remain. How does damage happen? What effects can it have in the days afterward? And what are the long-term consequences to the [More]
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