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AFFIDAVIT: Minor left with traumatic brain injury following fight over THC cartridge, 18-year-old charged ‣ For more Local News from 21Alive: https://www.21alivenews.com ‣ For more YouTube Content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtHv0AXKSVysCmFgMSzylHA
One man’s life changed forever when a low-speed collision left him with two pseudoaneurysms on either side of his skull. Personal injury attorney Chris Davis with @DavisLawGroupSeattle stepped in to handle the case and was [More]
A diagnosis of mild traumatic brain injury is very misleading because there may be nothing mild about it. A brain injury damages the neurons in your brain that make your life possible. You may now [More]
When a child has a head injury, there can be many symptoms that can tell parents that something serious is going on. Senior Scientist Dr. Martin Osmond and his team researched what increased vomiting can [More]
UW Medicine Dr. Randall Chesnut, the director of neurotrauma at Harborview Medical Center, says the severity of a brain injury often doesn’t match what’s visible on the outside of someone’s head. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3LngHBn #brain [More]
Dr VS Mehta, Neurosurgeon at Paras Hospital today on Fit Rahe India explains why one should not take head injuries lightly. Even a minor injury in the head can lead to brain damage, he says. [More]
Recently, the CDC has released new and updated guidelines regarding the care and treatment for those who suffer from concussions, which has made it to the news. This video examines an article that states concussions [More]
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