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Learn about life after Brain Tumor Surgery and the importance of rehabilitation and after-surgery care for the patient undergoing brain tumor surgery by Dr. Rakesh Redhu, Consultant Brain & Spine Surgeon at Healing Hospital Chandigarh [More]
Mr. Hulasmal Jangid was suffering from a brain tumor and was presented to Narayana Hospital. After the MRI procedure, the patient discovered a brain tumor. The doctors performed awake brain surgery to remove the brain [More]
Neurosurgeon Andrew Fabiano, MD, FAANS breaks down the survival rates for brain cancer patients. Learn more: https://www.roswellpark.org/cancer/brain/about/symptoms Founded in Buffalo, NY, in 1898 as the nation’s first cancer center, Roswell Park set the standard for [More]
Watch as yoga guru and brain tumor survivor, Erin Murray, recounts her personal Airrosti experience. When brain surgery left her with painful neck immobility and frequent tension headaches, Airrosti’s Dr. Peplinski was there to help [More]
Charlotta Bergström, RN, Karolinska Institute, Solna, Sweden and Danderyds Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden, highlights the issue of sexual function in young adults following a brain tumor diagnosis. Few studies in young adults with brain tumors have [More]
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