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In This Video We Will Learn about Hemiplegia vs Hemiparesis we will focus on Understanding the Differences , Similarities and Treatment Options What is Hemiplegia? and hemiplegia exercises. Hemiplegia is a neurological condition characterized by [More]
There are four main types of traumatic brain injury. Brenda Munoz, Physical Therapist Assistant at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital explains each type, as well as with symptoms and treatments.
Behavior is a powerful form of communication and is one of the primary ways for people with dementia to communicate their needs and feelings as the ability to use language is lost. However, some behaviors [More]
A short film with the personal perspective of Allen Stevens, who suffered a head injury in 1987 and experiences its long term effects. Experts Alice Kershberg (Neurotrauma Clinical Nurse Specialist) and Chris Uff (Consultant Neurosurgeon) [More]
I am NOT a doctor, or any form of a registered medical person, this is just my own experience from healing from a brain injury and trying almost everything I could for more than 2 [More]
Join Arkady Frekhtman as he delves into the unpredictable nature of concussion durations, from short-term recoveries to lifelong impacts, shedding light on the complexities of traumatic brain injuries. Frekhtman & Associates specializes in serious and [More]
Welcome to the H.V.M.N. YouTube Podcast hosted by Latt Mansor! In this exciting episode, we delve deep into the intriguing world of brain injury and brain health, exploring how metabolism influences the severity of brain [More]
In this webinar Dr Will Curvis will discuss what behaviours can be challenging following ABI for families and professionals, thinking about how these can be best understood and responded to within a compassionate and person-centred [More]
👁️‍🗨️ First responders face many dangers on the job, including the risk of traumatic brain injury from assaults, vehicle crashes, falls, and explosive forced entry. Tune in to our latest episode, where we’ll be discussing [More]
PATIENT FOCUSED. INJURY-CENTERED SOLUTIONS. Taking Traumatic Brain Injuries Head-On: The Premier Center in Houston. WHAT IS TBI? Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an acute disruption of normal brain function due to an external force, such [More]
This video describes how a total or partial lack of oxygen to the brain causes an acquired brain injury. This type of Acquired Brain Injury is Non-Traumatic, but it is often part of the secondary [More]
Dusty Baxley talks about understanding the person you’ve become after military service. Boulder Crest’s mission is to provide free, world class, short-duration, high-impact retreats for combat veterans and their families.
Our brain controls all of our cognitive functions including reasoning, attention, language and memory. Not everyone with a brain tumour will experience memory difficulties, and for those that do, the symptoms and severity will differ [More]
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