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Authors: Barua, J., Ahrens, J., Shao, R., & Mehta, S. Abstract: Background: Individuals with traumatic brain injury are highly susceptible to depression and anxiety post-injury, leading to a decreased recovery rate. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is [More]
Watch this video presentation by Dr. Antonio Candela, a Certified Practitioner of the Bredesen Protocol, to learn more about the practical use of Neuronic’s Neuradiant 1070 protocols along with the effectiveness of functional nutrition. The [More]
Family therapist Taryn Stejskal talks about the Solution-Focused Therapy Model that uses questions like the Exception Question and the Miracle Question to help people engage in their own problem solving.
Zack Hornback was 15 when he was in a car crash in 2015. He spent 21 days at UofL Hospital, 66 days inpatient at Frazier Rehabilitation Institute and eight months as an outpatient at Frazier. [More]
Scott Takeda hopes he can remove the stigma around the condition — and using marijuana to help treat it.
http://www.einstein.yu.edu – Using an advanced imaging technique, Michael Lipton, M.D., Ph.D., and colleagues were able to predict which patietns who’d recently suffered concussions were likely to fully recover. The findings were published online June 9 [More]
Although evidence is still limited, we discuss how a healthy diet can be helpful in alleviating many concussion symptoms. Interested in learning more about the treatment and management of concussion? — CONCUSSION PATIENTS! Learn how [More]
Patients suffering a stroke or other disabling conditions may have muscle spasticity, which is when the muscles don’t relax when they should. To help muscles in either the legs or arms relax, physicians may use [More]
Foot drop patients can benefit from Saebo’s specialized biofeedback stimulation technology. This advanced remedial approach to foot drop treatment is a paradigm shift with emphasis placed on correcting and improving one’s gait versus providing an [More]
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