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Dr. Loewen explains the effects of a dysfunctional occipital lobe or visual cortex region in your brain and what the effects could look like. Watch the video for more. SUBSCRIBE for MORE Content ➡️ https://www.youtube.com/c/Cognitivefxusa1?sub_confirmation=1 [More]
Are you suffering with ongoing concussion symptoms?  Check out our free daily workshops for patients with PCS!  Learn how to reduce your symptoms, increase your function, and reclaim your life…without seeing countless doctors or spending [More]
At home concussion rehab techniques for vestibular and visual rehabilitation. Interested in learning more about the treatment and management of concussion? — CONCUSSION PATIENTS! Learn how to treat your concussion from home in Dr. Cameron [More]
PREVIEW of presentation by Rebecca Bliss, PT, DPT and Ashley Reddell, OD, FCOVD from NORA 2019 Conference. For information on how to order the complete presentation, visit http://digi.vision/nor191a This 3-hour interactive course works to bridge [More]
We love our success stories! In this video, Dr. Julie shows you how much visual field we were able to help one of our patients regain after she suffered a traumatic brain injury AND a [More]
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