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➡️ Get your FREE handout of the gait speed program: https://rehab-hq.com/gait-speed-program/ In this video you will learn exercises to improve your gait speed, walking confidence, and decrease your risk of falls! ➡️ BECOME A MEMBER: [More]
Scrubber Brush Affiliate Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B099P134S3?ref=t_ac_view_request_product_image&campaignId=amzn1.campaign.Z1WD9BGDMDHN&linkCode=tr1&tag=orlandoneurot-20&linkId=amzn1.campaign.Z1WD9BGDMDHN_1698354139666 ➡️ Get a FREE handout of our complete single leg standing routine: https://rehab-hq.com/standing-balance-routine/ Want to go a little deeper with Tara? ➡️ BECOME A GOLD/PREMIUM MEMBER: Join our growing community [More]
➡️ Link to get your exercise handout! https://rehab-hq.com/supplemental-video-handouts/ Want to go a little deeper with Tara? ➡️ BECOME A GOLD/PREMIUM MEMBER: Join our growing community of members and get instant access to over 400 exercise [More]
Shop Now https://www.amazon.com/Neofect-STEP-Dynamic-Walking-Stroke/dp/B08Y5MQP4K/ref=sr_1_31?keywords=AFO+foot+Drop+brace&qid=1637649005&sr=8-31 Explore other rehabilitation solutions at: https://www.neofect.com/us/ Neofect STEP provides a strong, lightweight solution for patients with varying degrees of drop foot secondary to a variety of neurological conditions. Neofect has taken the [More]
Sign Up To Join Our Next Live! Get your specific questions answered! SIGN UP FOR FULL ACCESS TO OVER 350+ EXERCISES https://rehab-hq.com/exercise-vault-sign-up/ Ways to support this channel: To Purchase An Electrical Stimulation device: https://carex.com/collections/tens-units/products/stimchoice-4000-tens-unit-and-ems-muscle-stimulator? Use [More]
Ways to support Rehab HQ https://carex.com/collections/tens-units/products/stimchoice-4000-tens-unit-and-ems-muscle-stimulator? Use Code REHABHQ15 for 15% off Visit the Rehab HQ store on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/rehabhq SIGN UP TO GET ACCESS TO REHAB HQ EXERCISE LIBRARY https://rehab-hq.com/exercise-vault-sign-up/ SIGN UP FOR THE [More]
Hip mobility and hip stability exercises help to improve balance and walking. In this video you will learn the BEST exercises to improve both hip strength and hip range of motion. Product Recommendations: Step stool: [More]
The core/trunk provides a stable base for the arms and the legs. And a stable base allows for efficient arm and leg movement. In this video, you will learn core strengthening exercises that are designed [More]
The glutes/hip extensor muscles are critical for walking. In this video you will learn the BEST exercises to improve hip extension and improve walking! Get your free hip extension handout: https://rehab-hq.com/hip-extension-handout/ Exercise Time Stamps Resistance [More]
Here are the most important exercises to relearn how to keep the arm straight after a stroke or a brain injury. This is also a great progression if you have arm weakness or spasticity in [More]
Balance impairment is a common symptom in patients living with chronic neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s, post-stroke and peripheral neuropathy. From an increased fall risk to reduced independence, compromised dynamic stability can [More]
Circumduction is a common walking “problem” where someone will swing the leg out to the side to prevent the toe from catching on the ground. Several things can cause this such as foot drop, spasticity, [More]
Many brain injury survivors experience difficulty walking. Taking steps may now be strained, slow or even painful. Complex motor skills depend on nerve signals from the brain working correctly. These signals may have been damaged [More]
#selfcare Walking is a better way to release anger. Some people bottle it up and make it explode like how I’ve done so far. Some people make an album about it. Some people make a [More]
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