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After one neurologist suffered a stroke in 2019, she is spreading awareness for the symptoms to look out for.
For more information on the warning signs of brain tumors, please visit https://cle.clinic/3bu4Sff When you have recurring severe headaches, you might worry something’s wrong – like a brain tumor. While your odds of developing a [More]
Check our website @ https://www.thebrainandspine.com/ A brain hemorrhage is caused by the rupture of an artery in the brain, causing localised bleeding, which in turn kills the brain cells. This medical condition is also known [More]
Neurologist Dr. Carolyn Brockington spoke with Russ Mitchell on the dangers involved with concussions and how athletes can look for life threatening symptoms caused by head injuries.
Stanford Star Oscar Da Silva came down hard trying to guard Colorado’s Evan Maxey, when Maxey fell down on Da Silva attempting a layup, Da Silva’s head hit the ground extremely hard causing a laceration [More]
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