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🌟 Five Ways to Support a Loved One with a Traumatic Brain Injury 🌟💔 It’s crucial to be there for them, every step of the way. 🤗❤️ Here are some strategies to help them through [More]
To learn more about a brain aneurysm, please visit https://cle.clinic/2VB6gVi Aneurysms can hemorrhage or burst, causing a devastating type of stroke that, for one-third of patients, is potentially life-ending, ▶Share this video with others: https://youtu.be/rRklkA70O1w [More]
Learn about 10 simple and tasty things you can do every single day that can support a healthy brain and happy mood. Presented by Nichole Dandrea-Russert, MS, RDN, plant-based dietitian nutritionist, and founder of purelyplanted.com [More]
Are you suffering with ongoing concussion symptoms?  Check out our free daily workshops for patients with PCS!  Learn how to reduce your symptoms, increase your function, and reclaim your life…without seeing countless doctors or spending [More]
In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer the question “How can you get quality sleep when working shifts?” If you would like to get your own question answered, follow us on Instagram where we [More]
Let’s talk about some ways to increase movement after a brain injury! It is common to develop exercise intolerance when recovering from a TBI/ABI or concussion. Dr. Mark Heisig has been sharing with us some [More]
To help you prevent spasticity or manage it in the moment, check out these 4 strategies for keeping this MS complication under control as you go about your busy life.
Get the latest strategies on treating trauma and the brain in the short course “The Neurobiology of Trauma” with Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD, Dan Siegel, MD and more: https://www.nicabm.com/program/brain-trauma/?itl=store/?del=YTOrganicDescription There [More]
Check out Anna’s Daily Practice to self-regulate when triggered here: https://crappychildhoodfairy.com/lp/daily-practice Trauma has a massive impact on your nervous system and when you’re triggered, it’s hard to think clearly, it’s stressful and it impacts your [More]
Brain injuries don’t just affect the physical well-being of our loved ones. They affect physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health. Watch to learn how you can better support yourself or someone you love with [More]
The hamstring muscles are the muscles that bend the knee. This muscle group is extremely important when relearning how to walk. In this video, you will learn the best hamstring activation exercises to improve overall [More]
A $3.5 million National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant from the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) has been awarded to Carilion Clinic, Richmond, Virginia-based BRAINBox Solutions, and the University of Pennsylvania to [More]
📢SUBSCRIBE and click the BELL to get notified when new videos are uploaded. 💲 EARN Counseling CEUs at https://www.allceus.com/member/cart/index/product/id/1169/c/ Unlimited CEUs $59 based on these videos at allceus.com for social work, counseling, marriage and family [More]
Are you familiar with the term “invisible injury”? This term is particularly relevant to traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs. No one can actually see how the damage to certain parts of the brain had led [More]
6 ways to heal trauma without medication, from the author of “The Body Keeps the Score,” Bessel van der Kolk Subscribe to Big Think on YouTube ►► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvQECJukTDE2i6aCoMnS-Vg Up next ►► How to heal trauma [More]
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