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Dr. Ahmed clarifies concussion in relation to traumatic brain injury. To learn more VISIT https://www.kaizenbraincenter.com Episode 3 of our Concussion Education Series with Memory & Concussion Specialist, Dr. Mohammed Ahmed FOLLOW US for daily brain [More]
Jennifer Bain, MD, PhD, is an assistant professor of neurology and pediatrics at Columbia University Medical Center.  Dr. Bain completed both an M.D. and PhD. as well as general pediatrics residency at Rutgers – New [More]
Find out more at https://brainlaw.com/invisible-rain-cloud/ A TBI is a life changing event. But traumatic brain injury is often called “The Invisible Injury” as injuries (and symptoms) will not always be obvious to an observer. And [More]
. Chapters 0:00 Introduction 0:58 Symptoms that occur with muscle Spasticity 1:34 Triggers 1:53 What causes Muscle Spasticity 2:15 How is Muscle Spasticity treated? 3:02 Medication for Spasticity 3:40 At home care for Muscle Spasticity [More]
In the second show, episode two of season one of the Conscious Creators Community Show we’ll be discussing experiences, beliefs, values, thoughts, and emotions. What are they? How do they affect us? Do we control [More]
Bria Scharf’s 9 month check-up was puzzling. What appeared to be right arm and right leg dominance, were actually signs of weakness on the left side of her body. Tests showed Bria may have had [More]
Studies have shown effective concussion management requires a school-wide approach. Brain 101: The Concussion Playbook is a web-based concussion management program with components tailored for teen athletes, parents, coaches and educators. Watch this light-hearted, animated, [More]
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