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Chair Yoga is a wonderful way to (re-)introduce gentle movement. This LIVE 20-minute class is a fusion of strengthening Chair Pilates moves, exercises to improve your balance and soothing Chair Yoga postures. It’s suitable for [More]
Embracing Daily Workout : Here is a reason why you should never avoid exercises! In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become more crucial than ever. Incorporating daily workouts or exercises, whether in [More]
Let’s get stronger than yesterday!! ☆ SPINAL CORD INJURY SURVIVOR ☆ Hey guys, I Am Spinal Cord Injury Survivor and i need to buy Medical Supplies⚡Home Medical Equipment⚡A New Wheelchair – Help me by Subscribe [More]
Drop foot, also known as foot drop or ankle dorsiflexion paralysis, is one of the most common and frustrating physical issues after a stroke. The inability to lift the toes makes it difficult to walk [More]
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