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Let’s practice together: Join me for a 20 Minute gentle Seated Yoga flow to release tension from your entire body (your shoulders, arms, back, hips, and hamstrings), improve your flexibility and your posture. We’ll stay [More]
This 7-hour online training we filmed in collaboration with Yoga International is designed for anyone interested in learning about how the brain operates, what happens when it’s injured, and how yoga and meditation can be [More]
Chair Yoga is a wonderful way to (re-)introduce gentle movement. This LIVE 20-minute class is a fusion of strengthening Chair Pilates moves, exercises to improve your balance and soothing Chair Yoga postures. It’s suitable for [More]
YogaSix in the South Hills is expanding the studio’s inclusivity and accessibility to people living with traumatic brain injuries.
Brain injury survivor Daniel shares his recovery advice for survivors, families, and healthcare providers. “Alcohol makes me feel like someone shot me in the brain.” See full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYiLJxTCj58 ___ Dr. Dan Gardner’s YouTube [More]
Follow along with Yoga instructor, Michelle Silva, as she demonstrates several poses that will help you reduce general tightness & spasticity in your hips. This video is designed for you to use on recovery days, [More]
Bedtime yoga for better sleep! Discover the best pranayama that will help you fall asleep in 10 minutes. Help us in reaching many more people, this excellent 5 min yoga will help them deal with [More]
This 22-minute video demonstrates a mindfulness and yoga training session geared towards individuals who have suffered a concussion. Although it was developed as part of a study to examine athletes’ recovery from concussion, it is [More]
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