TBI-ED: Policy, Public Health, and Personal Perspectives

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A series of talks followed by a general audience Q&A. First, Dr. Noah Haber (UNC Chapel Hill) presents a meta-perspective on how health science research has evolved time, and how this has impacted our understanding of TBI. Secondly, Dr. Kathleen Bachynski (NYU-Langone Health) presents “A Clear Moral Obligation: A Public Health Perspective on Preventing Brain Injuries in Sport,” addressing four main issues relating to sports-related concussion: the public health goals of school sports, scope of brain injury concerns, policies to prevent harm, and ethical responsibility. To conclude the day’s conference, Brown undergraduate Braedan Russell shares his own experience with head injury and playing collegiate ice hockey.

Tackling Brain Injuries through Education Design was a one day event at Brown University that combined a multi-disciplinary program development workshop with a general event featuring expert speakers. The goal of this video publication is to mobilize stakeholders at Brown and beyond to improve sports-related and general concussion policy, awareness, and practice in our community.

Want to get involved? Contact us at cailin_frankland@brown.edu or emma_mcmillan@brown.edu for more information!

Saturday, December 8th, 2018
Brown University

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