TBI lecture

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Psych 36 – Biopsychology

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PM says:

2009 after a major m.v. accident I was diagnosed with (closed) severe TBI. 12 years later I still have fatigue disorder, sleep disorder, nerve ending disorder, mood disorder, frontotemporal lobe dementia, short-term memory loss. I pray for a full recovery and prayers is with everyone suffering. Shalom.

George Silva says:

All your senses get messed up with head injuries. Smell-taste- sight- touch- dizziness and it doesn't get better it gets worse with every injury ther after. Protect your head and your children. 🙏🧘‍♂️✌

fantush Sha says:

मेरा बच्चा जो पांच साल का है बचपन मे रोया नही बे्न डायमेज हो गया अभी तक तो जिन्दा है डाक्टर का कहना है भगवान भरोसे है क्पाया कर ईसके बेहतर इलाज के बारे बताए। धन्यवाद

Lafter says:

sum buddy most certainly needs much much more info and experience about TBI, wow, 30+ yrs, and I've lived long enough with mine to know practically every symptom mentioned I still endure to this day, and with age gets worse, no wonder workers comp ins co get away with never paying a worker their costs!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….do us all a favor and STFU

Joshua Balistreri says:

You mean An loid pluge build up destroys or eats away at the Tau protein pictures of conductive tissue of the axon

Bob Taylor says:

The Glasgow Coma Scale is quickly coming to be regarded as obsolete.

Dienane Gregoire says:

No the lower you score the worst the INJURY IS

Kevin Moore says:

Would brain surgery qualify as an open head, or closed head injury, or does that depend on the surgery??

Karen Closkey says:

I think football should be banned and illegal except for tag/touch football.

Linda Just Linda says:

PCS lasts longer than "weeks or months" > It CAN and often Does last for YEARS.

Jackie Spangler-Morgan says:

Are you people kidding me? While this is fascinating, I had a head injury almost 20 years ago and I was told there was nothing I could do. I disagree! I've had multiple concussions due to the susceptibility of after one. Everything I have seen on concussions is so medical (which I love), but completely miss the point, perspective, AND actual treatment! I could not even finish watching this video because I have seen so many and none of them address natural solutions for neurotransmitter rebalance or neurological stability, so if they cover this, I apologize, but I have seen nothing that addresses a real solution and that is pathetic! I found the information after almost 20 years! I have posted links, but they were removed. Why? I could write a book about this! I never go to the emergency room or hospital after a concussion because I feel like I know more about it than they do! Sad!

Roni Shemtov says:

Based on recent data, I believe that the nu.1 cause of head injuries are automobile accidents. 

Emanatomy TV says:

Hi may I know what reference did you use? Thanks

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