TBI VA Claims and Ratings: Traumatic Brain Injury

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VA Claims for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): VA ratings for TBIs and residuals, C&P exams for TBI, presumptions associated with TBIs, and additional benefits for severe TBIs through Special Monthly Compensation (SMC). We hope you enjoy today’s broadcast. Please leave us your questions or comments below!

Read More & Mentioned Diagnostic Grap: https://cck-law.com/blog/faq-friday-how-does-the-va-rate-traumatic-brain-injury-tbi/

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Table of Contents:
0:00 Introduction
1:03 What is a TBI and Common Causes
2:06 How Are TBIs Diagnosed?
3:26 Common Residuals of Traumatic Brain Injuries
4:20 Do You Submit a VA Claim for TBI or Residuals?
5:19 C&P Exams for TBI
6:08 VA Ratings for TBIs
8:44 Special Monthly Compensation and TDIU for TBIs
11:29 TBI Presumptive Conditions & Secondary Service Connection
12:56 Overlapping Symptoms: Mental Health Conditions & TBIs
13:45 Does VA Rate TBIs Accurately?
15:35 How to Improve Your TBI VA Claim

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Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD says:

Thank you for watching with us today! Feel free to leave your questions or comments below, and we hope you find the information presented to be helpful.

The chart we mention displaying how TBIs are diagnosed can be found here: https://cck-law.com/blog/faq-friday-how-does-the-va-rate-traumatic-brain-injury-tbi/

Jason Lee says:

How much should I get for mild TBI?

Franklin Mays says:

Could you please post the video that you discussed in this episode ?

Antonio Davis says:

Hello. Thank you for your training information. I have a question. If your 100% T&P, but only 30 for TBI/PTSD are you still able to apply for SMC T with Aid and Attendance?

Eduardo Xanchez says:

Could you please cover the issue of sleep apnea as secondary to TBI? I've seen videos on PTSD as secondary for TBI but nothing about this issue. Thank you!

willie williams III says:

I hit my head in a five ton truck and l am not happy it’s not being acknowledged, can you represent me!

Rusty Nichols says:

The VA is not there for the veterans. They are there to do everything in their power to either deny or underrate veterans. It is sad but it is the way they are. They are supposed to be on our side instead they fight against us. Good video guys. Best bet for most vets is to hire an attorney to go against them.

Daniel Galvan says:

Great info! Thank you guys.

James Whyard says:

Xray, cat scan, mri will not reveal TBI…

leroy gray jr. says:

I fell off a cliff during a land navigation class and was knocked unconscious in 1982..
The 1st thing that was spoken by that instructor and fellow classmates when they climbed down a rope to revive me was " We thought that you were dead Gray."

My memory of the 60s and 70s was completely gone afterwards. My USMC career objective ended that day.
I have finally applied for VA disability.

D Mac says:

I’ve got a stretch of a question. I served as an Air Force firefighter both active duty and national guard from 95 to 2001 and handled the now known toxic AFFF (PFAS/PFOS) fire fighting foam (as well as consumed the water Dyess AFB (confirmed contaminated water)) I later was diagnosed with a brain tumor which required surgery which then left me with a brain injury (a form of TBI). I now how serious complications but can still function somewhat. what are the chances of this type of claim? I’m already service-connected for several other things but not the exposure/tbi issue. I also was diagnosed six months ago with an immune deficiency disorder and now chronic fatigue of which I have not claimed. Thank you

Johnny Contreras says:

if my TBI happened 27 years ago, i assume its to late to make a claim? TIA

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