Teens and Loss: Josh, Traumatic Brain Injury

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The video Teens and Loss, A Journey to Hope was produced by P.O.R.T. (Pediatric Oncology Resource Team) to educate professionals as well as the general public about the effect of profound loss on teenagers.

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Toni Turner says:

Josh, God still has an amazing plan for your life. You have a very strong ability to articulate your inner struggle and it has got to help a ton of people.

Rosie Whitfield says:

Thank you for sharing your story, Josh. A brain injury is usually a life long injury you can’t just select to have. I hope since your skateboard accident you can have a decent life and are enjoying it as you possibly can. It’s such a reward to be able to get your physical functions back as a result of tireless physical therapy you had to endure. I hope you have a wonderful and bright future. The ambitions you now would like to do can be achieved. Many blessings for your future. May you be blessed with so much support, encouragement, laughter and kindness from your family and friends you have πŸ™‚πŸ’œπŸ™‚πŸ’œπŸ™‚πŸ’œ

Luciana Bisco Ferreira says:

I had a heart attack wen I was 31… I stayed few minutes without help, when somebody started to make cardiopulmonary resuscitation on me. I started to have epilepsy with 30 years ( I had only 1 crisis), but I denied that I had a brain problem. And one year later I had the epileptic crises that lead me to the heart attack. I recognize myself in a lot of your words… I lost my job as an University Professor. I started drinking very much, I was deeply depressed because of my losses. I lost control about everything in my life. I was living alone in a city and nobody of my family noticed that I needed help. I was all by myself… My brain was not the same. But it's been 14 years after that. And I'm completely cured from epilepsy since 2015. I don't know why it started, and I don't know why it stopped. I think it has stopped by a miracle. I don't have any alcohol since 2008. I'm still having psychologist session. Believe me, know I'm used the way my life strongly changed. I'm not going to be a scientist no more, but now its OK. I learned how to deal with my losses, and I believe I'm in a point of my life where things are all right the way they are. I'm a dentist, and I still work in my profession (I'm 45 now). I don't know how I didn't had no injuries on my brain. And I'm very thankful because of that!!! Today I'm a much better person than I was, I'm grateful, and I can help people everywhere. I have a great relationship with my family, I forgave them because they didn't realize I was needing help. Leading with all the losses we have is a process. If we don't give up, we'll win! And I believe that I'm winning!!!!! Best of luck for all of you!!!!

Margaret Cooper says:

What a lovely young man and so brave of him to share his story and through that to help other people.

Your Method says:

Thank u so much for this video!

After some Traumatas i was healing my Body , but the hard work was on the mind. I had Amnesia and had to learn even languages Again that i already knew.
Making YouTube Videos helps me to relearn languages i used to know and to help not only my patients but hopefully soon more people who re overweight as a physical therapist and a weight loss coach.

Hope this will inspire someone to start whatever they love doing!

Cheers from Germany

Sister Rose says:

I just noticed something "strange" @ 0:49, the side of his face was a "normal" Color. But, when you go to 2:46, the side of his face turned bright Red. Mine does that too, sometimes. But, this only started happening after my accident.

Sister Rose says:

The affects of my Car accident, back in 2018, are just now starting to sinking in. I have always felt the physical pain, but reality is just now setting in on how much it really affected me emotionally. How much it really changed my life.

Vigermina Berrios says:

You made it. Kudos to you. You are beautiful inside and out.

Deb Blackmore says:

Hi Josh keep being strong it's time buddy you will get there keep positive I know what your going through got t shirt going through it myself sending u love from headway Nottingham UK good luck kiddo your doing amazing x

Denise Lancaster says:

Hello Josh. Thank you so much for sharing what it's like to recover from a brain injury. Eight years on from this video being uploaded, and after your disappointment of not being accepted for the marines, did you find another career pathway to follow? Maybe, a motivational, inspirational speaker?

G Slimm says:


omar737 says:

a smile is like 10 shots of morphine? not for me.. they don't relieve my migraines from the brain injury. But you seem like your a level headed guy before the injury. I had issues so when a brain injury got thrown in, i didn't make a good recovery and am disabled for life. #braininjury #positivity #is #bullshit

Shaun Hill says:

At 21, i had an accidental overdose, which left me brain damaged. My psychiatrists said it was just the anxiety making me think that… 5 years later i saw a neuroligist after been told that they wont find anything wrong. She found lesions all over my frontal lobe… I think its too late now to recover and the suicide will happen if things dont improve.. I had goals workef soo hard, just to have my dreams pissed down a toilet. Fml

Rain Bowens says:

you will find yourself again prayers and love sent from Vegas

Evanoff Jason says:

I too went through that minus the substance and alcohol I to was hurt not understanding it and I was 14 when it happen now little o.k. Able to work but sometimes have to live off disability payments pissed but I'm 35 and I don't give up help yes I got the help kind of still living through it

Robert Tran says:

Thank you for the braveness. I have TBI because I was in a motorcycle accident on April 24, 2014. Ironically, I was going to school to be a physical therapist. I have an uncomfortable smile but it's okay because I won best smile. It seems like you're recovered. This part is for everyone. No two people are alike. It's mainly how you handle the problem at the moment.

John Lamphier says:

I've had a tbi and was a biology major so I constantly dig and dig and dig for latest treatments cures etc. looks like latest focus but notet insurance covered is neuroplasticity therapy. I myself am trying to get to an out of state center for treatment.

Richie Louis says:

Thank you for sharing this

Maria says:

Thank you for sharing your story. It is hard to accept all the things you've lost. It's hard to explain how your life changes in literally one second and you couldn't do anything about it. You try to add all these things to your life to make it better but it is hard because you've feel isolated from your friends that knew you before your injury. They always compare you to how you were so you try and make new friends but then you feel self-conscious that you are not like them. I get over eager to make new friends and I know that can be annoying and frustrating to people you've just met. I am working with doctors to help me get back what I've lost but it takes so much energy.

Jake says:

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