Teen's Mysterious Amnesia

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After a freak basketball accident, Kayla Hutchinson lost all of her memories.

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@JamalTechReview says:

Oh but she ain’t forget how to play basketball. And how is it when her friends first noticed she was able to talk and say “where am I” but days later she talk like a baby?

@shqip_sumejja says:


@lanyado98 says:

I hope it will happen to me too

@mohdnasir5140 says:

Page 87-1

Babbitt's metal (Eng) = A bearing alloy originally patented by Isaan Babbitt, composed of 50 parts tin, five antimony and one copper. Addition of lead greatly extends range of service. Composition varies widely, with tin 5-90%; copper 1.5-6%; antimony 7-10%; lead 5-48.5%.

@dustysilveira4732 says:

I suffer from the same thing trust me I understand

@XUIW says:

I thought that was a dude for a sec

@joshuatraffanstedt2695 says:

Man.. the human brain is a beautiful, tragic mystery. The product of billions and billions of years of evolution by natural selection. Amazing we've evolved such a complex organ. I sort of wish I would have been born 500 years from now just so I could understand more. But no time like the present, I guess.

@jervon3739 says:

I'm the 100th like you well come

@tiffanyjessanglin4916 says:

Me too I got amnesia

@theyinluvwitpluto1110 says:

Chew if keef

@theyinluvwitpluto1110 says:

WOW poor girl

@kaylayarbrough1171 says:

Amnesia isn't fake, it's real and can be devastating

@xeliy says:

"the interesting part is that she does remember that she forgets"

@SarfnicProductions says:

Sometimes it may actually be better to forget, but to have it all come back to you would be fun after.

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