Tendon Transfer for Foot Drop – Common Peroneal Nerve Injury

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Dr. Milap Patel
Dr. Anish Kadakia (IG – @ankl_man)


Foot drop is a condition in which the muscles (anterior tibialis tendon) that control the ankle and toe dorsiflexion become weak or paralyzed, leading to a dragging or scuffing of the foot when walking. Some of the most common etiology include nerve injuries, such as peroneal nerve injuries, spinal cord injuries, and certain medical conditions, such as stroke or multiple sclerosis.

Foot drop can cause functional issues, as it can affect a person’s ability to lift their foot and toes while walking, causing them to trip or stumble. This can lead to further injury, as well as difficulty with daily activities and decreased mobility.

Conservative treatments for foot drop may include physical therapy, braces or splints, and medication. However, if these treatments are not effective, tendon transfer surgery may be an option. Tendon transfer involves taking a healthy tendon from another part of the body and attaching it to the muscles that control foot dorsiflexion, allowing for improved foot and ankle control and function.

At our specialized clinic, we perform tendon transfer surgery for foot drop. Our team of orthopedic foot and ankle surgeons are highly skilled and experienced in this type of surgery, and use the latest techniques and technology to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. Our goal is to help patients regain as much function as possible and improve their quality of life. While tendon transfer surgery may not allow a patient to return to normal activity, it can greatly improve their ability to perform daily tasks and increase their overall mobility.


We are Orthopedic Surgeons who specialize in Foot and Ankle Surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago! Our practice is dedicated to managing complex foot and ankle conditions. These can include:

– Fractures from trauma including ankle fractures
– Tendon injuries including Achilles tendon ruptures
– Nerve injuries leading to foot drop
– Sports injuries such as chronic ankle instability
– Post-traumatic arthritis requiring ankle replacement or fusion
– Cartilage injuries such as OCD
– Deformities including bunions
– Revision surgeries
– Complex foot and ankle deformities
– Post-traumatic injuries
– Minimally invasive procedures


Northwestern Center for Comprehensive Orthopaedic and Spine Care
259 E Erie St 13th Flr
Lavin Family Pavilion
Chicago IL 60611

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@emblink27 says:

It's a partial recovery, but if you can run it's awesome!

@veldavidov says:

Just went through with it. Still in cast. You are giving me hope

@sobankousik says:

Hello team

Suffering right foot drop & wrist drop since age of 2 due to hemiplegia ( mild muscle weakness)

i am 26 now , can tendon transfer help with my condition, would love to connect with you regarding that , please provide your email / social media handle where i can give my summary

@craigmclean111 says:

This gives me massive hope!

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Are you recovered??

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