The challenges and triumphs of caregiving after brain injury

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A brain injury affects not only the injured person but the whole family — from rehabilitation challenges and family upheaval to isolation and loss of friends. David and Gerry, both caregivers, share their personal journeys, filled with the struggles and joys of caregiving.

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Sherry Cress says:

My partner best friend got a brain injury just over two years ago. He is 79 which makes it very hard to get help. I believe because of his age that the government doesn't want to do more for him. If I had enough energy at the end of the day I would be fighting. Mentally he is about 85% there. He can talk two languages and is even starting to learn Spanish. When he is sick or very tired is when he has a hard time. Physically he has improved a lot. He can't walk and needs help getting into and out of bed and wheelchair. I can leave him for an hour or two when he is up. when he is in bed longer. His kids took off within a couple of months of him coming home so I am the only one taking care of him. I have people coming in when I am at work. When he left the hospital we had someone coming to help get the house ready but we never had information on resources to let us know what we are covered for or any help we can be getting even now.. It is tough and more should be done for the care giver.

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