The Effects of Brain Injury on Memory

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How does brain injury affect memory? Learn about memory impairment following brain injury in this video featuring NeuroRestorative’s Tori Harding. Following a brain injury, the deeply embedded and long-term memories usually remain intact while short-term memory may significantly be affected. Learn about the three memory system areas and strategies that can help a survivor improve their memory.

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Choctaw says:

My long and short time memory is poor but I remember numbers very well. Cannot understand this. Great video. Thanks

Jeremy Tibbitts says:

Sometimes I forget things I don’t mean to, I’m going to start making a list to remind me Ty for the video.

Pioneer HR says:

Good day to every one, i have some questions, if someone know or had this before please help me, my girlfriend had a brain surgery two weeks before, now she woke up from coma and can't recognise me, she knows everything but not the last one year where we was together she even don't know me and my name, so question is : is it possible to forget some memories not all ?, and how long it will take to be normal again?, is it possible to bring all memories that was lost? please guys if you know pm me in this comment thank you

Miss Esqueda says:

I had a bad trauma head accedent back in 1996 and died near death exp..I am so disappointed that yes later I'm a nobody and I don't want to reach out for government to support me..I'm a mess cause my neurons connect and disconnect so someone please speak out with some info what could I do..:(

SpAzMaTiC J says:

You are an angel Omg you explained everything so well I'm so glad I found you on here … Suffering from ABI OR TBI I'm not too sure it happened close to more than a month ago, im in hospital right now for psych ward I don't think I'm in the right place ATM… I need to be in brain damage help… I'll check out more videos and I'd love to chat with you all I'm so new at this and at first it was a nightmare but now people like us have people like you to help with such a horrible event… All the best to all reading this… Stay strong 💯% 💜

Man Cavern says:

If you haven’t noticed, every Brain Injury is different. Different parts of the brain when struck different ways result in different injuries. This video talks about the effects that a Brain Injury has on memory. Most injured object and find flaws to this prognosis. Just saying. I have no MD certification, just TBI certification!

KayD says:

To bad nobody’s gonna believe I ha short term memory loss it’s that kinda of thing that nobody believes you and think your trolling it’s sad

Deb Blackmore says:

Keep going doing amazing things stay strong stay safe sending love from headway Nottingham UK takecare xxx

parikshit kamble says:

20 days ago my mother lost her memory after road accident …..Now she is fine expect headache….She could not talk continuously….What should I do

Dishonest Track6 says:

I'm really good with long term memory but my short term is bad.

AKHIL says:

what is the effect of acquired brain injury on intelligence ,

is there a decrease in intelligence and i q Level after brain injury ?

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