The Effects of Brain Injury on Speech

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What is aphasia? In this video, NeuroRestorative Speech Language Pathologist Jessica Buckley talks about aphasia, the impairment of language-comprehension or expression caused by brain damage. She will also address how individuals with this condition have difficulty communicating the words that they want to use. Buckley expresses the importance of finding a speech language pathologist who can teach techniques and strategies that help individuals with brain injury identify words and improve their communication skills.

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Spill The Tae says:

What is the reason why a person with brain injury is able to understand the speech of others but is not able to speak?

spillzz 123 says:

God bless y’all all ✝️🙏

AKHIL says:

will acquired brain injury decrease intelligence Level or i.Q Level ?

Anh hoàng Chẩu says:

so touching for an excellent video

Hanna G says:

My mother had a TIA- "Do you want the blanket?" became "Do you want Canada?". "You're sensetive to coffein" became "You're sensetive to nicotine". "Oh, look how nice eggs!" She told the dog, with a toy that had both ends end in a oval shape – akin to eggs- although she didn't really realise this connection herself.
For anyone suffering with Aphasia, it DOES get better. It just takes time and a lot of practice. The more you're able to avoid stress the better, same with extreme emotion, as that does affect our brain more than people realise but it and also affects our overall health and therefore the speed in which we heal.

Imagined Authority says:

Information like this is poignant yet helpful. I can write like a poet however I have a very hard time communicating verbally sometimes, this is due to traumatic brain injury many years ago.

Zaid Soub says:

I don't believe that repeated severe brain injuries can't affect someone's intelligence, it does affect! If they are not going to kill him, they will make him disabled! Not being able to function normally as he did prior to the injury, so death here is his a brain injured person's salvation! It affects I was run over by a car when I was around 9 years old, I was not aware fully of the post symptoms after my first brain injury cause I was a kid , so If I had symptoms during that time,I'd not have guessed that they were because my tbi, I'd have thought otherwise! Until I got my second one when I was 16 , things started to mainfest themselves very clearly, and then I started to link things with each others as I realized that the slow processing while doing things I had prior to my second injury was due to the first injury which I was not aware of its consequences because I was a kid and not well informed about what a brain injury is! The second one opened my eyes widely! And the slow process I had after my second injury had gone and I wished if it stayed at that level instead of losing the ablility to function at all. My second injury was the turning point which upended every dream I've always had, my passion, my life and everything I wanted to become, just in a micro second, life changes! Those who have not been thru it they'd not believe it, I get along with them at this point, cause at some point in my life I denied such a hit to your head or a car accident or whatever the reason that caused the injury is that it could leave you disabled, but with time I figured it all out that It wasn't illusion as I have always thought that it was , my instinct was real ! I know the real me won't get back again and that's so devastating and what makes it more difficult is that coping with the new you whose you don't understand is ultimately rough! But that's what luck has stored for us, you've got to accept it, even deep within you're not content with it!

Alex Zarycka says:

Thank you. I am glad to learn. Although I've had my TBI for years, I was not told much about it by doctors. I recently realized my speech problems come from the TBI

ItzTjstickz _ says:

She’s 🥵

henry pacheco says:

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Sister Rose says:

I still suffer from a TBI, that I got back in 2018. My Speech is fine, but I sometimes have trouble finding the right Words to say. Can Speech Therapy, help me?

Amy Hebert says:

In my case TBI from a car wreck. My speech is unclear. And laughter. I get too happy and talk fast ITAWKLIKEDIS. I have have to talk very slow.
I. TalK. Like. ThiS. To be clear.

R - says:

Is this curable? I got a concussion and I can never talk the same anymore. I know what I want to say but I don't know how to say it anymore.

Chronic & Invisible Wounded Hearts & Thriving Lives says:

Thank You.  Understanding more.

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