The Emotional Consequences of Concussion

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Lots of rest, sleep, and reduced stress are crucial for a child recovering from a mild TBI.

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Shannan Teegarden says:

Do you have any advice for athletes foot when I'm not even that athletic anymore maybe it's just a flat I should get in the salt bath although I may need to speak with the almighty dope counselor first salt is a stimulant even though I was exposed to talc as an infant I could be you know and no caffeine

Jeff Foy says:

Hello everybody, I have one question for everybody? Since my concussion over 4 years ago, I have gone through more than a hundred and fifty episodes of not being able to function for multiple days at a time. Every time I go through these, I called them my dark side. My face and eyes swell on every episode. I look at myself and can't believe that I could swell that bad around my eyes my forehead and my face. They started right after the concussion. And has persisted for all these years. Seen many doctor No One Knows Why. Anybody out there experiencing the same? Thank you good luck to all. Remember the days that are most challenging are the days that we fighting our hardest. No one can see, no one can feel, what we feel, how we feel, and how we see our new world. Unless your doctor's experience concussion syndrome before himself. It's just another person that's trying to help but just doesn't understand. Thank you

TanakinSkywalker says:

My doctor told me the truth. I told her I don’t do well in crowds and I have times when I’m on edge if I have to be in a crowd. She told me do your best to remain in control emotionally cause if you snap no one will take the time to realize that you’re not well and just profile you as crazy and just gun you down cause your gigantic and black. Hard truth but truth nonetheless. She’s very good at her job

Robert Cornelius says:

It's nearly impossible to be in a healthy relationship after experiencing multiple concussions.

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