The Emotional Impact of Memory Problems After Brain Injury

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Memory problems after a brain injury are very different than the usual, every day memory frustrations many of us experience. Memory problems after a brain injury can make a survivor feels so out of sorts with how they expect to function that it becomes, not just a little irritating, but very disruptive and enraging.

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Terry Allison says:

Exactly what I am feeling

M CJS says:

Please refer to ABI, not just TBI.

OneWorld Music Channel says:

its very painful its like you lost your self for too much pain.

S says:

TB haemorrhage six years ago and still making small steps to recovery, except I can’t control crying the tears roll down my face whenever I think about what happened to me.

Dhaval Sakaria says:

I agree, after brain surgery…lots of emotional problems and memory issues

tomato010010 says:

My brain was inflamed a few years ago. It got cured, but my memory has been bad since then. A few times, when I've talked about my bad memory to my psych and dad, I've even started crying heavily. I got diagnosed with depression too.
I even remember a time, when I first got the memory-of-a-gold-fish, I was at school (my last year) and started crying badly in the bathroom. I called my dad and he told me to go home.

Eric is a bad bad man says:

I have a TBI I've always had a short temper even before. But now I can go from being in a great mood to either depressed or angry with one thought and it lasts most of the day

Divine_Empress_Warrior7 says:

I’m so depressed . I had a stroke 2 days ago and I can remember things fine but I can’t feel emotions and I don’t know what to do. I’m going to see my doctor today because I don’t even get anxiety. I can’t feel love and when I cry , blood doesn’t rush to my head like the normal. I’m no longer empathetic and it’s hurting me badly on the inside because I use to be an empath. When I look at my deceased fathers picture I can’t even feel love but I know it’s there . I gave up on God. I’m lost and don’t know what to do… I just want to commit suicide if it gets worse.

285runt says:

Thank you for your video. I suffered TBI 18 months ago. I'm still having issues remembering, but I'm committed to my health. I workout religiously and that has helped me tremendously.

Pinkyz’s Evergreen Creations says:

It's true..I am facing similar situation.

Ian McLeod says:

This is so true, I almost never leave my home alone, and raising an 8 year old child alone is overwhelming. I find my issues are more with my child as I cant remember what I have asked him to do. A total nightmare, I wish I had some supports for this some help but there is nothing for me. Thank you for putting this up, a nice watch.

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