The Hidden Truth to Walking Faster Revealed

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Time Stamps
9:27 heel lifts
10:18 knee lifts
10:47 stagger stance weight shifts
11:19 sit stand step
12:28 sit stand step advanced
13:28 step up and over
14:27 balance pad cross over step

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Maritza Noa-Cabrera says:

Great exercises. I love your doggie, so patiently watching and waiting 🙂

Jack Vitor says:

Ma'am I can't bend my efectecd feet backward

April Tumey says:

I do the opposite, i take a bigger step with my good leg and shorter step with my bad

Jasmiena Jansen says:

Wow love this vid

Sourav Mishra says:

Is xtern AFO good for foot drop after stroke?
Will it help me walk faster and better?

Leon says:

Thx again. For content, you seem to know exactly what I and many others on these comments are going through. I have been trying the last couple days to do this with increasing the length of my good leg which means I'm balancing on my weaker leg for a longer time. And this is good but after decades of doing it the other way as you pointed out this will take a little time with the hemiparesis on one side.

Mich W says:

Marching is not easy! Haha Thanks Tara

Santhosh Kumar says:


Secretariat Girl says:

Curious about the size of the block…namely the HEIGHT. Plan to fake it with a small box or maybe a piece of a piece of cut wood!

D. Cross says:

Thank you. I have been watching your videos for a couple of months now and they have helped so much. I was put on a statin last Feb after 2 stints and with my RA it made my muscles and body not work right. In August I quit taken the statin on my on call. By December I was bed ridden. January of this yr I decide I was done with not being able to be normal again. I have watched your videos and have exercised and worked hard trying to get back to my normal self. I didn't have a heart attack or a stroke but your videos have helped me to walk again. I still can't get up from a normal height chair or toilet but I'm getting better slowly but surely. Thank you!

Shar1213 says:

I walk slow with MS to conserve energy and go further

Cely Vargas says:

No one in my 5 years any therapist dine this with. Can you help me?


This is so helpful.. Thank u ❤Mam

PrivateNexus 5 says:

16:47 if I was YOUR physio, I would say you were cheating, as your right leg/body is not completely straight forward 😉

PrivateNexus 5 says:

7:44 ORRRRR you could find your favourite tune at the correct BPM and walk to that.😁
17:46 by chance, most western songs are around 120bpm.

Aaron Oyster says:

Dr. T, would assistive devices include AFOs/MAFOs, or are those more like walkers & quadcanes?

Jojo Omambac says:

Salamt po doc Tara dagdag kaalam na naman para sa aming mga stroke survibor love it doc

FABS Viral Pro says:

Excellent video4

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