The Incarnation and Relationships / Bishop Bill Atwood / Streams Church

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Aug 6th 2023
Jesus revolutionized everything about human existence. Today we will look at another dimension of Incarnation and what He demonstrated about the way we can relate with others.

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p3piper01 says:

I needed this teaching so much, bc I am naturally a fixer!! Thank you!!

Janis McAdoo says:

This was an eye-opening sermon for me today. All about neuroscience and connection and how to develop secure attachments. But something he said at the end I think will be life-changing for me. He said there are two types of trauma. A trauma and B trauma. A traumas are good things that should've happened but didn't. B traumas are bad things that happened. A traumas are harder to recover from because they are missing and they're supposed to be the building blocks that we build our future on.

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