The Three Rs of Concussion: Recognition, Rest, and Recovery

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A concussion is brain trauma brought on by a biomechanical force. It consists of a group of neurological symptoms that impair the patient for a variable amount of time. There are approximately 3.8 million sports-related concussions each year in the United States.

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Eric Avila says:

How long does the process usually take ?

xalian17 says:

Resting, medication, and slow recovery is NOT how to get out of a concussion. This approach utilizes material and information that is incomplete or out of date. if you have a TBI, concussion at any intensity, and symptoms that wont go away after 6-9 days — contact Cognitive Fx at IMMEDIATELY! They use cutting edge science and can find a concussion with fNIC/fMRI imaging.

Post Concussion Support with Kiwi Kerry says:

This is a great video! I am continually amazed by how many concussions go unrecognized and untreated! Getting medical help early will dramatically increase your speed of recovery. Over the last 3 years my daughter and I have had help from a wide range of medical professionals and we are still in recovery! 🙂

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