This is How to Reset Your Sleep Schedule

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@Dylankav12 says:

Hmm 3am hmmm thanksss

@OptimisticDuck13 says:

It’s 3 am and I’m gonna try this. Wish me luck 😭

@Theslowghost says:

Woke up at 5:30 pm today 😂

@phytoplancton4038 says:

I have a problem where im obsessed with waking up at 7 am for some reason but that's impossible but 5:34 is very easy but if I wake up at 5:34 I just scroll through my phone for the time to pass and hit 7:00

@theAwkwardAvocado says:

5:28 am here. Couldn’t sleep. Dr. K is useless in practical advice

@heavnpark says:

I don’t have eczema, however horrible sleeping habits. I wake up and see scratches all over my skin, and see myself in a whole different position, and I kick off my pillows out of the bed, I also suck my thumb while sleeping, and I’m a mouth breather when I sleep but a nose breather when I wake up. Can someone help with any of this? And I also back sleep before I go to sleep. However when I wake up I find myself in a whole diff position, my right leg is up it’s like I’m jumping to something, and I’m on my front sleeping on my front. And idk how to fix it, I just can’t stop moving at night ig.

@drkishwarkhan says:

Me watching this at 6 am

@GhostSamaritan says:

> Have ADHD
> Go to bed early
> Wake up at 1:00
> Fall asleep again at 4:00
> Still tired when alarm goes off

@LiaraBerlin says:

Something that helped me was setting an alarm about 3 hours before I i need to wake up.

It's an opportunity to hit the bathroom and also seems to reset my sleep pattern. If the alarm is set an hour or less before I need to get, up my anxiety about waking up keeps me awake but if it's more than that I'm able to go back to sleep and soundly at that. Makes actually waking up easier, but again this is just for me. It might not work for others.

@-xQz says:

Nah, this does not work. You have to use melatonin or something.

@marcellofunhouse1234 says:

So everyone's supposed to sleep every single night now?" – "You realize night time makes up half of all time?"

@wanderingrandomer says:

My problem is that it doesn't matter when I go to bed, I always wake up like 10-30 minutes too early

@ThriveWithLouise says:

i dont think he realizes the issue, I dont feel tired when i should and when I feel tired is the time I should be waking up. I sleep at 5am and wakeup at 3pm

@filmedbyemma1 says:


@LMNNT says:

Hmm interesting I'll try this

@StuPedasso says:

How is this person so popular? "Try waking up earlier" – Well la de fucking da, thank you shrelock…doesn't help with trying to adjust my sleep schedule.

@meganwright4975 says:

I wake up at 6 o’clock

@spiritualphenomenon2413 says:

I have trouble falling asleep before 4 pm

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