Tips on Dealing With Emotions after a Stroke

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Physiotherapist Susan Ehler shares some tips on how to better deal with emotions that can come after a Stroke. Watch the video below. Improve From Home With Guided Stroke Exercises at:

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Team33 says:

3 week coma after cardiac arrest for 63 minutes …, I woke up, taught myself how to speak,write and walk again (with help of course but I had to ask and force for it as I was destined to a wheel chair that I refused).
I've got a ventricular pump and a defibrillator/pacemaker while in waiting for a heart transplant which I hope will come within another year ?

Emotional liability is one of the conditions I have and is bothering me.
Do you see people ever cure from this overflow of uncontrollable emotions because its been 12 months now and I'm better but still overwhelmed.

I'm the only one in the hospital following me that does regular exercise instead of thinking its all over which is troublesome as I'm physically getting stronger and fitter but my head doesn't seem to go around at the right speed !? This Covid-19 Virus is playing into my hands because everything seems to have slown down to my speed but as soon as they lifted the confinement I seem to be too slow again.
Can you cure emotional liability ? Please answer.

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