Top tips for improving sleep after brain injury

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Dr David Lee, Clinical Director at Sleep Unlimited, share his top tips on improving sleep after brain injury – a vital step for reducing fatigue and other effects of the condition.

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Deb Blackmore says:

It's a living nightmare balance goes speech goes I get everything you say spot on sending big thanks and love from headway Nottingham UK keep going I dont nap in day I go sleep it's the waking up all night lol x

The Hermit’s Slumber says:

My main issue post TBI is fatigue and sleep is obviously a major factor in this. My sleep pattern is very disruptive and whilst some of these tips I’ve heard and tried I really liked the yawning and 90min circadian rhythm tip. I do notice a huge difference in my functioning if I’ve slept an adequate amount (I need 9 hours to feel remotely human!).

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