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Dismissing your anger is dismissing a part of you. This is your permission to be F-ing angry. #somatichealing #therapy #healingjourney #anger #trauma #cptsd
A psychiatrist analyzes brain scans of a 21-year-old with anger issues and past substance abuse. See what the findings reveal and how his brain function may be contributing to his behavior. Dr. Phil tells compelling [More]
Betrayal trauma can stir up a tempest of emotions, with anger often taking center stage. It’s not just a reaction, but a cry for justice, an assertion of self-worth, and a step towards healing. Yet, [More]
http://braininjuryhelp.com 1-800-992-9447 http://www.tbilaw.com http://whybraininjuryattorney.com The first thing they did, and that was right away, when I would blow up they would just get away. And usually when I blew up I was, I don’t know [More]
Comment, like and share the link on your social 🙏🏼 FOLLOW – Hit SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy the videos. https://www.instagram.com/jonocloete https://twitter.com/jonocloete https://www.facebook.com/jonocloete http://www.youtube.com/jonocloete Thanks to my partners and sponsons – @urbanfitsa www.urbanfitness.co.za @specializedza www.specialized.com @usnsa [More]
Watch the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhhTWYDPAXI | Brought to you by Tommy John premium underwear https://tommyjohn.com/tim, Athletic Greens all-in-one nutritional supplement http://athleticgreens.com/tim, and ButcherBox premium meats delivered to your door http://butcherbox.com/tim. Resources from the episode: [More]
Me Angry! Me Learn! WATCH THIS: Are you stuck in the depression loop? – https://youtu.be/XY5jYPta0uQ Check out the team that powers Life Noggin! https://www.lifespan.io/life-noggin/ Follow the Life Noggin Team! ALL THE LINKS! – https://linktr.ee/lifenoggin Director/Voice [More]
http://braininjuryhelp.com 1-800-992-9447 This video was made for our TBI Voices project. We interviewed thirty real life survivors of brain injury. In these interviews we talked to the survivors about how they became brain injured and [More]
Pre-order my latest BPD workbook at: https://goo.gl/LQEgy1 All people experience anger, but those with BPD and BPD traits have specific triggers that can set them off into an anger or rage episode. Knowing these triggers [More]
Hear what happens to one young girl who has a minor TBI while snowboarding … and a serious car crash months before.
http://braininjuryhelp.com 1-800-992-9447 http://www.tbilaw.com http://www.whybraininjuryattorney.com In far too many cases, the biggest problem that interferes with a good recovery after a severe brain injury is the breakdown in relationship’s that comes from the survivor’s inability to [More]
In this webinar Dr Will Curvis will discuss what behaviours can be challenging following ABI for families and professionals, thinking about how these can be best understood and responded to within a compassionate and person-centred [More]
Emily shares Mental Health advice and a perspective on healing and dealing after traumatic brain injury with new mental health symptoms. Please ask questions below. Share with those who would benefit, click like, and subscribe. [More]
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