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A brain injury victim in Nova Scotia communicated with her mother for the first time in 21 years thanks to new technology. Joellen Huntley, 37, suffered a catastrophic brain injury in a car accident back [More]
Link to Survey to obtain individual session certificate – complete a new survey for each session’s certificate. https://forms.office.com/r/jpbhKJ6pH1 Join Robin in this webinar where Trauma Registry Professionals will learn about different types of Traumatic Brain [More]
Hear from Brain Injury Association of Tasmania EO Deborah Byrne who speaks with Ultra106five during Brain Injury Awareness Week in 2023. Learn more at https://www.biat.org.au/
Any traumatic brain injury in children can be scary, and getting the right treatment as early as possible is critical to recovery, but it is difficult to predict which kids will recover within a few [More]
This is a preview of the Acquired Brain Injury program, produced in partnership with BrainLink. A person with an acquired brain injury may also struggle with mental health problems. A common mental illness experienced by [More]
It was three years ago. I was on a bicycle for a ride. It was warm out. It was just a normal day. And then I fell. I fell hard. And I knew nothing more. [More]
http://www.gaylord.org Gaylord is one of two LTACHs (long-term acute care hospital) in the country with CARF accreditation (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) for all inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs and specialty accreditation for spinal [More]
I got hit in the head by a falling pipe while shooting a video in July, and haven’t been the same since… See behind the scenes at Strange Parts: http://twitter.com/strangepartscom http://instagram.com/strangeparts_com http://facebook.com/strangepartscom http://twitch.tv/strangeparts
On March 30, 2023, in Dublin, Ireland, Katherine Snedaker, CEO and Founder of PINK Concussions, presented the PINK Concussions 2023 Sports Award to Neil and Morven Cattigan in memory of their daughter, Siobhan Cattigan. For [More]
Simulation of sensory over stimulation after brain injury. Flooding. Sensory overload. This simulation only lasts two minutes, but for this person a lifetime.
An injury to the head can cause damage to the brain, the most crucial part of the nervous system. This can affect one’s health & well-being adversely. #worldheadinjuryawarenessday #headinjuryawareness #headinjury #recovery #braininjury #traumaticbraininjury #MoreThanMyBrainInjury #kimshospitals
When it comes to young people, the Texas Education Agency says traumatic brain injury, or TBI, has become known as the “silent epidemic.”
An introduction to Shepherd Center’s ABI program for doctors, patients and their families, and the community.
I MADE $30M FROM THE FIGHT. GET A PIECE OF IT INSTANTLY – X2JAKE dot COM – NOW! The stakes for the highly anticipated matchup between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury were raised once again [More]
Helmets are optional for those over 18 in the street skating event. “It’s a huge missed opportunity,” said Ryker’s mother, Rebecca Schellings.
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