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Nevada Department of Education Regulation Workshop – November 2nd – 2:00PM
Video taken from http://www.pregnancyatoz.org/ShakenBabySyndrome
Subscribe to my new channel: https://www.youtube.com/hopeafterheadinjury 🧠 Stay connected with all things brain injury, including “Hope Survives Podcast”, on the new channel. STAY CONNECTED: https://www.hopeafterheadinjury.com -Monthly Zoom Support Groups -Facebook Support Group -Education & Awareness [More]
What are the most common causes of Head Injury? Check out Dr Sandip Mavani (Neurosurgeon) from team @aadicurahospitals to share his views on this topic. ~ To Book an Appointment : 89805 53311 Emergency Contact [More]
Learn More: https://www.prepareforems.com The Paramedic Coach demonstrates his version for assessing a patient with head trauma, what signs to look out for, and how to use the DCAP-BTLS mnemonic to guide you for what to [More]
MDH Stroke Program monthly education webinar presented by Dr. Erika Wexler, Pediatric Neurologist at Children’s Hospital and Clinics. Dr. Wexler will present on the most recent advancements and care of pediatric stroke patients. To claim [More]
You should go to the ER with a head injury if it’s severe trauma – like being hit with a bat – or if you passed out, says Justin Wang, MD, from Regional Medical Center [More]
Why are Neurological Examination Important to have after you’ve sustained any kind of traumatic brain injury. For more information visit. https://www.theneuroedge.ca or contact Dr. Guillemette at dr.ericguillemette@gmail.com
Live Webinar Date: 3/16/21 Seizure disorders affect about 1 in 26 people in the United States. Any one of us, at any time, at any age, can develop seizures for any number of reasons. One [More]
Patients with a traumatic brain injury are likely to have visual deficits since visual pathways are present in every part of the brain. Watch full video here – https://youtu.be/ZRrK3UZ-N0E. Low vision optometrist from Amplify EyeCare [More]
5 DANGER ⚠️ SIGNS OF HEAD INJURY IN CHILD 😳 @DrBrajpal #shorts #viralvideo #shortvideo In this video, I have explained 5 important signs to be watched after head injury. Head Injuries are quite common in [More]
To watch this video in full, sign up for CPDme Platinum Membership and get access to over 80 live webinars per year, the CPDhub with over 400 previous recordings, and automated CPD Certificates that automatically [More]
What is going on with my patient’s sodium and fluid balance after brain injury? How do I differentiate cranial diabetes insipidus, cerebral salt wasting and the syndrome of inappropriate secretion of anti-diuretic hormone? And how [More]
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