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HEAL TRAUMA-DRIVEN DATING PATTERNS: $70 OFF My Online Course: https://bit.ly/47RmsT0 Have CPTSD? TAKE THE QUIZ: http://bit.ly/3GhE65z FREE COURSE: The Daily Practice: http://bit.ly/3X1BrE0 Website: http://bit.ly/3CxgkRY *** “You’ve got to learn to feel your feelings” is not [More]
Tom Crosley of Crosley Law Firm discusses the emotional effects of a traumatic brain injury. Some symptoms include: depression, irritability, mood changes, sleep disturbances, and difficulties with relationships. www.crosleylaw.com
Is EI an innate quality or can it be developed? In this episode, we explore the significance of emotional intelligence (EI) in sales. Richardson sales coach and trainer, Becky Cassilly, provides valuable insights into the [More]
🧘 Free 7 Day Trial of my Breathwork App= https://app.getupspace.com/upspace/64c33f67f763ec944b38e5fb 🧘‍♀️ 1-1 Somatic Breathwork & Energy Healing Sessions ⬇️ https://theconsciouscoach.biz/ In our modern society, we all encounter daily pressures that contribute to growing stress across [More]
In this video, I’m going to be chatting with Katrina about the emotion code, trauma, attachments, and energy healing. I hope you’ll find this video helpful in your journey to heal your soul and reduce [More]
Emotional Mindfulness: Unlocking Your Potential With Awareness Emotional mindfulness is the practice of being aware of and attuned to our emotions, allowing us to respond to situations in a more thoughtful and deliberate way. By [More]
Scientists are becoming increasingly aware of how life experiences can change both the physical structure and the function of the brain. Since a discovery in the mid-1990’s that the hippocampus—a brain region important for memory—is [More]
Healing Music to Psychosis, Removes Negative Emotions, Relieve Stress, Fatigue, Anxiety, Negative #3 🌿Hello! I am Sophie. Welcome to my channel. Here there are great sounds, melodies and beautiful scenes to help you have the [More]
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Subscribe to me @Dr Julie for more videos on mental health and psychology. #mentalhealth #trauma #shorts 👇Links below for my new No.1 bestselling book – Why has nobody told me this before? Amazon UK – [More]
#grief #trauma #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness Contact information at the bottom of the description box. Attention: This is not a dating site. I am the Mother of an Angel in the process of Healing traumatic grief & [More]
Renew/Remix is the most recent installment of the Sound Health initiative at the Kennedy Center, a powerful partnership with the National Institute of Health (NIH), soprano Renée Fleming, and Dr. Francis Collins, science advisor to [More]
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