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SaeboStim ONE electrical stimulation for strength training with foot drop. Easy to use in sitting for ankle dorsiflexion. One pre set programme. No wires.
Join renowned podiatric surgeon Dr. Nick Campitelli as he walks you through a groundbreaking surgical procedure for mid foot arthritis using Arthrex Snap Off Compression Pins. In this comprehensive video, Dr. Campitelli explains the intricacies [More]
Foot drop (or Drop Foot) is a muscular weakness or paralysis that makes it difficult to lift the front part of your foot and toes. It’s also sometimes called drop foot. It can cause you [More]
TO JOIN LIVE &/OR RECEIVE A REMINDER… AnCan’s MS Virtual Chat Support Group is free and drop-in… if you’re only listening to the recording, PLEASE JOIN US LIVE!!! The Group meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays [More]
Dr. Sebastian discusses the cause of foot drop, fibular (peroneal) neuropathy, sciatic nerve injury and lumbar radiculopathy. Dr. Sebastian is a nerve injury and neuropathy specialist in Estero FL (southwest Florida, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, [More]
Do you need foot drop treatment after a stroke? This foot drop brace plus electrical stimulation could be the perfect resource for you. Learn more about combining the SaeboStep and SaeboStim One with Dr Scott [More]
✅ OSTEOPOROSIS-SAFE! This at-home yoga routine is perfect for helping you improve your bone health. Join Dr. Lisa Moore, Cancer Rehab Physical Therapist and BoneFit™ Trained Exercise Professional for 23 minutes of yoga-inspired physical activity. [More]
This small device will stop your foot drop, stop you catching your toes and get you back walking. This video includes how to fit and use a foot up orthosis. Foot drop or drop foot [More]
You can combat foot drop through stretching & massage! Tune in and follow along as I guide you through my favorite stretches, and easy massage techniques you can do right from home! Additional video reviewing [More]
Nerve hydrodissection with PRP is an effective treatment for nerve injury, such as wrist drop (radial nerve), foot drop (fibular nerve) or any other nerve injury or neuropathy. Dr. Sebastian is a Nerve injury and [More]
Right foot drop is apparent as the patient ambulates without supportive footwear. See the NEJM article: www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMcps1210603
Foot Drop recovery without surgery Sareen is an online client who lives in India and has been suffering from L4 L5, L5 S1 disc Bulges and severe foot drop for the last 10 weeks. He [More]
🔰Pediatric Orthopedics Active learning Session – 38 📚Topic : The Foot in Neuromuscular Disorders – Principles and Pearls 🗓️Date & Time : Tuesday, 16th January 2024, 9.00pm to 10:00pm IST 💻Click here to watch: http://tinyurl.com/OrthoTV-POALS-38 [More]
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