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#Homoepathy #homoepathic #headinjury #doctor #causesofhairfall
TIME STAMPS BELOW: Song Recommendation Josh: Simple Man-https://youtu.be/8eNoms9wsGc?si=H6xm0tVcQWzCu6VF Heath: Beautiful Things- Benson Boonehttps://youtu.be/Oa_RSwwpPaA?si=8Ecs0Baz6Kvk4I5e https://www.youtube.com/@Joshmartinvlogs https://www.instagram.com/joshmartinvlogs/ https://www.instagram.com/joshmartincooks/ https://www.instagram.com/theojaspodcast/ 0:00 Preview 3:10 Healing properties of the ocean/ Intro 13:46 Veterans Trauma Court 40:30 Traumatic Brain Injury 42:10 [More]
Breelynn was born a healthy baby but was kissed by a person with a cold sore as an infant. Since her immune system was not developed, this infection attacked her brain and left her with [More]
Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City says Ralph Yarl’s recovery is ‘inspiring’
Years after being hurt in a fall, Marie Cooney is celebrating her return to the Xcel Energy Center as a spotlight operator, as she recovers from a brain injury. Subscribe to FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul [More]
Brain Injury Awareness Month is dedicated to raising awareness about various brain injuries, promoting prevention strategies, and highlighting advancements in research and treatment. Originating from advocacy movements, it involves collaborative efforts to foster comprehension, compassion, [More]
A half-elven bard encounters spells and sorcery, fighters and fiends, cultists and companions in the wide world of Faerun, and maybe even some other planes of existence as well! Thanks for watching! Leave a comment [More]
In previous episodes, we’ve talked about how having a brain injury can impact the injured person, but it’s also important to acknowledge the wider impact of brain injury, and particularly the effect on family and [More]
A veteran who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury is struggling to order food in an Indiana restaurant. Instead of the waitress offering some assistance, she questions whether he is drunk. WATCH FULL EPISODES OF WWYD: [More]
Hey friends! I’ve seen a lot of your messages about how the Panic Attack Talk Down video helps with your feelings of loneliness, so I wanted to make one specifically for that. I know I [More]
Part 3 of 5 of Dr. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong’s series about #neuroethics from A Beginner’s Guide To Neural Mechanisms—a pair of 5-minute explainers and six sets of deeper dives made via collaboration between @neuralmechanisms942 and @PhilosophyOfBrains [More]
Check out this abc7ny news clip about Rahul, a patient at Blythedale Children’s Hospital, who made an amazing recovery after sustaining a traumatic brain injury.
ID: 3539399 ONSCREEN CREDIT – @pillay.nesh This couple is living a real-life version of the heartbreaking yet beautiful film, The Vow after memory loss caused this woman to forget who her partner was and fall [More]
Popular Australian pro surfer Owen Wright famously suffered a traumatic brain injury while in Hawaii in December 2015. His recently published autobiography, Against The Water, recounts what happened when a wave at Pipeline caused the [More]
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