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My Daddy Has a Headache: Talking to your children about traumatic brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries can be scary…but they can also be a way to teach all of us how to be closer to [More]
New research shows that CTE is not just a danger for professional football and soccer players. It is showing up in the brains of young people.
Seth’s special “oatmeal” recipe #BrainInjury #Apraxia #Aphasia #TeamSethFoundation
When Kris Armstrong’s husband, Brandon Smith, suffered a traumatic brain injury and needed constant care, she decided to begin the process of becoming his legal guardian by divorcing him. She vowed to take care of [More]
Deputies are trying to figure out how a woman sustained a brain injury that led to her death.
March is Brain Injury Awareness Month
On this episode of Wife’d Up Now What, we’re talking intimacy, erectile dysfunction, sexless marriages and more with Dr. Tiffanie! WatchGrownWomanTV.com Wanna livestream like this? Check out Streamyard & Get a $10 Credit! https://streamyard.com/pal/d/6224134774980608 Wanna [More]
I hope you enjoy my voice! I appreciate and am grateful for all of you, thank you for being here! Subscribe for more ASMR, it really helps me a lot! Become a member now: https://www.youtube.com/@skyverlash/join [More]
#Own #melodyshari #martellholt We will be LIVE discussing part 2 of love and marriage Huntsville!! don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE!!
FOX Carolina’s Kari Beal reports. For more Local News from WHNS: https://www.foxcarolina.com/ For more YouTube Content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEm0gdukLIfI9P-LzLy2DIQ
#hygiene #health #teethcleaning #teeth #toothbrush #toothpaste For those of you who don’t know why I’m doing this, in 2020 I had a Traumatic brain injury that made me paralyzed so now I’m trying to get [More]
FULL EPISODE LIVE NOW, WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/Jaum0pRsDy8 The Love Stories TV Channel is available on Sling, Local Now, Redbox, Rakuten TV and more platforms around the world. Learn more, and how to watch, here: https://lovestoriestv.com/chinna-erica [More]
Great Falls boxing legend Todd Foster receives hyperbaric chamber to treat brain injury
Case summaries for today’s cases can be found here: https://supremecourt.flcourts.gov/News-Media/Case-Summaries-Schedule/September-2023-Summaries
This episode answers unique questions for married men who have sexually acted out with gay porn or other men. You’ll learn what partners go through, why transparency matters, and how we can pursue connection with [More]
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