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Find out more at https://brainlaw.com/brain-injuries/mild-traumatic-brain-injury/ When I am asked, what is a mild brain injury, I answer, it is someone else’s brain and not yours. A mild traumatic brain injury can significantly impact cognitive functions [More]
Virginia Commonwealth University has been awarded a $50 million federal grant to oversee a national research consortium of universities, hospitals and clinics that will study the long-term impacts of mild traumatic brain injuries or concussions [More]
The state’s numbers show there’s not a lot of diversity within certain areas of the TBI. However, three women say they’re going above and beyond to change that. For more Local News from WSMV: https://www.wsmv.com/ [More]
Presented By: Brian Christie, PhD Speaker Biography: Dr. Christie obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Otago, where he worked in the world-renowned Graham Goddard laboratory complex with Dr. W. “Cliff” Abraham and studied long-term [More]
A diagnosis of mild traumatic brain injury is very misleading because there may be nothing mild about it. A brain injury damages the neurons in your brain that make your life possible. You may now [More]
Jeffrey L. Hartman at Stevenson Luchies & Legh talks to us about the symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury and how getting the right people to help you can really help with your life [More]
According to medical records reviewed exclusively by CBS News, a U.S. doctor who evaluated American and Canadian diplomats working in Havana diagnosed them with conditions as serious as mild traumatic brain injury and likely damage [More]
Tune in to our Summer Brainstorm virtual speaker series presentation “’The Brainlash’ Way with author Gail L. Denton, PhD. Dr. Denton shares lessons, tips and strategies on living with mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) As [More]
Welcome to The Legal View Brain injuries happen in accidents ranging in severity, even some minor accidents. While these are life-changing injuries, they can be hard to prove to insurance adjustors. Even if you don’t [More]
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Historian Professor Ed Coss, a leading researcher on the role of psychology on soldiers across history, joins me to talk about his innovative research discovering the possibility of Napoleon suffering from Traumatic Brain injuries, and [More]
News 6 At Nine welcomed Dr. George Eldayrie with Orlando Health Sports Medicine on “Ask A Doctor” to discuss preparation, conditioning and injury prevention for student athletes headed back to school.
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