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Check out our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/teded View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-stress-affects-your-brain-madhumita-murgia Stress isn’t always a bad thing; it can be handy for a burst of extra energy and focus, like when you’re playing a competitive sport [More]
💪 How to MASTER Self Discipline | Strength in Awareness: Mastering Discipline by Recognising and Conquering Your Weaknesses | NeuroZone | Douglas Barbieri 🗝️ Unlock the power of self-awareness with Strategy #3 Dive into a [More]
Pediatric Mental Health TeleECHO presented by Dr. Justin J. Boseck, Ph.D., L.P., ABPdN, CBIS, NCSP View slides: https://ruralhealth.und.edu/assets/3122-17901/traumatic-brain-injury.pdf View more Project ECHO topics: https://ruralhealth.und.edu/projects/project-echo
The webinar will feature a distinguished panel of experts, including ophthalmologists, fitness trainers, sleep specialist, diabetologist, and psychiatrist who will share invaluable insights on building a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Together, let’s step [More]
Welcome to the future of productivity and memory enhancement—learn how to build your Second Brain in 2024 with our comprehensive guide. Please Visit this Website to get more information: https://mindspire.fr/ This video delves deep into [More]
The author of “Healthy brain, Happy Life” and professor at the Center for Neural Science at New York University, Dr. Wendy Suzuki, explains the best way to exercise in order to improve brain function. Special [More]
Planning and organizing can be difficult after brain injury. This can be frustrating. Here are a few ways to improve planning.
Behavior analyst Paul Dores, PhD shares his recovery advice for survivors, families, and healthcare providers. Dr. Dan Gardner’s YouTube and Podcast channels do NOT offer medical advice. You should not rely on this information as [More]
If you are struggling, consider an online therapy session with our partner BetterHelp: https://tryonlinetherapy.com/fightmediocrity This video is sponsored by BetterHelp. Neuroscientist and meditation expert Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how to reprogram your mind. Get his [More]
Boston brain injury attorney Douglas Sheff of Sheff Law explains the relationship between pituitary injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Learn the symptoms of pituitary injuries, how they occur and the role they can play in [More]
Phd Defence Anneke Terneusen, who will defend the thesis in the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, at Maastricht University, with the title: KNOW THYSELF Theoretical and Neurobehavioral Perspectives on Self-Awareness
Foreign Accent Syndrome Causes, Symptoms, Treatment What is Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS)? Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) is a rare speech disorder that causes a person to speak with an accent that is perceived as foreign, [More]
In this video, I about how to actually care for your mental health. Also, if you want to know some uncomfortable (but realistic) truths about your mental health, watch this video https://youtu.be/mGwsG_Ya-58 📰 Sign up [More]
In this video, we’re talking to Dr. Rad of the Brain and Spine Groups about brain injury and how it can affect your mood and personality. We’ll discuss the different types of brain injuries and [More]
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