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Order your ICFYB Interactive Stroke Recovery Guide now at www.icfyb.com/guide A NEW and Unique, Virtual Stroke Recovery Group led by Karen D. Sullivan, PhD, ABPP, board certified neuropsychologist and author of the I CARE FOR [More]
Geoffrey Manley, MD, PhD, Chief of Neurotrauma at SF General Hospital and Co-Director of the UCSF Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Center, Anthony DiGiorgio, DO, MHA, assistant professor UCSF Neurological Surgery and Phiroz Tarapore, MD, [More]
Today’s Topic delves into the remarkable journeys of individuals who have faced the profound challenges of brain injury with courage and resilience. Through candid interviews and heartfelt narratives, listeners are invited to explore the triumphs, [More]
Hey there, beautiful souls! I’m diving into a deeply personal and crucial topic in this video – surviving a toxic relationship when leaving isn’t an option. If you’ve ever felt trapped in a relationship with [More]
Live Zoom Meetings are every Monday at 7CT/8ET and Wednesday 7CT/8ET Details here: https://www.meetup.com/chicago-complex-trauma-group/ Zoom Link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/71442477691?pwd=QmNsdVQ4Y092VGhIN2tWUEc2TGVtZz09#success Enroll in the Online Healing Course – Adapt https://mindmasterclass.thinkific.com/courses/healing-from-trauma-1
In this video I talk about how narcissistic and generational trauma, and how some narcissistic trauma can go undetected. In childhood, we don’t want to see the truth about how unsafe it was. This can [More]
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive brain condition that’s thought to be caused by repeated blows to the head, often associated with contact sports, such as boxing or football. This video is a short [More]
Trauma in marriage can show up in different ways and affect the quality & enjoyment of your marriage. It can affect Intimacy, communication, emotional connection, vulnerability etc but there is hope. It is not a [More]
Welcome to our channel! Today We explore the connection between Britney Spears’ recent head injury, the journey of the TBI survivors and the remarkable link between Equine Energy and the rehabilitation of individuals with brain [More]
Mr. Jay (Trauma Coach) www.MrJayRelationshipCoach.com here to give you your weekly dose of Vitamin Jay on trauma indicators Please share this with others and Quickly tap Subscribe to ensure you do not miss any weekly [More]
Aug 6th 2023 Jesus revolutionized everything about human existence. Today we will look at another dimension of Incarnation and what He demonstrated about the way we can relate with others.
Spiritist Talk Series: Exploring the Relationship Between Spirituality, Spiritism, and Mental Health by Anna Moreno*. Event promoted by the United States Spiritist Federation. June 24th, 2023. https://spiritist.us/ Mental health and spirituality are linked and greatly [More]
Trauma bonds are a mix of intense emotions and conflicting feelings. It’s like being on a rollercoaster, with ups and downs. Even though you know you’re being hurt, you still feel attached to the person [More]
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