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Dr. Charles Cox, researchers at Childrens Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas, explains how using someone’s own stem cells can increase their chances of recovery from traumatic brain injury. Full transcript: Rhonda Dyer: I received [More]
Traumatic brain injury is a serious medical condition that can have long-lasting effects on an individual’s health, well-being, and quality of life. If you or someone you love has suffered a TBI as a result [More]
Olivier Taillieu of The Dominguez Law Firm obtains a $11.7 Million Verdict for his client, a man, who was involved in a 3 car collision. The plaintiff was rear-ended, subsequently impacting with the car in [More]
McKenna, wife, and caregiver of TBI survivor Corey, share their story of recovery from a motorcycle accident that caused a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Six months following the accident, McKenna and other members of Corey’s [More]
The brain is who we are… it’s our Thoughts. Perception. Awareness. Concentration. Ambition Attention. Emotions. In dreams. Intelligence Aptitude. Hopes. Interpersonal interactions. Gary Kraus, MD Neurosurgeon Kraus TBI, Pain & Spine Institute Houston, TX 281-870-9292 [More]
Jonny came to use with varying symptoms like brain fog, fatigue and motivation problems after a serious car accident – this is his story of taking his life back!
Hear the comments of courageous former Paratrooper Andrew Clark. He experienced severe PTSD & TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and after a series of Iasis MCN brain training sessions, has turned his life as a 10-year [More]
Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are a major cause of long-term disability and burden on families and health care systems. University of Cambridge Professor David Menon is a leader in global efforts to better understand and [More]
Nicholas Ward tells us what it was like to have been a Green Beret and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, and hopes to help others who have experienced similar circumstances. Nicholas is a Special Forces, [More]
A young man thought his nail gun simply backfired. What he would soon find out would change everything. Hear from him, his father, and the Saint Alphonsus neurosurgeon as they share his remarkable story.
Meet Tristan, a determined individual who embarked on a transformative journey by completing the Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking course at BIA. With dedicated training and hands-on experience, Tristan honed his skills and secured a [More]
Dr. Heechin Chae recommends that primary care physicians realize they can’t take care of TBI, PTSD, and other co-morbid problems in a military patient during one appointment.
Hope is powerful. Neuropsychologist Cynthia Boyd tells her patients that TBI is a temporary condition and she is going help them do whatever is necessary to get them well so they can prepare for the [More]
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