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Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are a major cause of long-term disability and burden on families and health care systems. University of Cambridge Professor David Menon is a leader in global efforts to better understand and [More]
Nicholas Ward tells us what it was like to have been a Green Beret and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, and hopes to help others who have experienced similar circumstances. Nicholas is a Special Forces, [More]
A young man thought his nail gun simply backfired. What he would soon find out would change everything. Hear from him, his father, and the Saint Alphonsus neurosurgeon as they share his remarkable story.
Meet Tristan, a determined individual who embarked on a transformative journey by completing the Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking course at BIA. With dedicated training and hands-on experience, Tristan honed his skills and secured a [More]
Dr. Heechin Chae recommends that primary care physicians realize they can’t take care of TBI, PTSD, and other co-morbid problems in a military patient during one appointment.
Hope is powerful. Neuropsychologist Cynthia Boyd tells her patients that TBI is a temporary condition and she is going help them do whatever is necessary to get them well so they can prepare for the [More]
“It’s improved and enhanced my way of life” – Bobby Dawson Hear Bobby’s whole story and hear from other veterans who are taking advantage of the program that Extivita is offering to help heal their [More]
TBI impacts everyone differently, and Jay has seen it all. Hear how he works with TBI patients to get justice in their case on last week’s episode of the #tipthescalespodcast, available at https://lawrank.com/49-jay-vaughn-traumatic-brain-injury-cases-understanding-them-working-them-educating-others/ #law #lawyer [More]
In spite of how far we’ve come, there’s still a heavy stigma on people living with a TBI. Learn how Jay Vaughn fights this stigma at https://lawrank.com/49-jay-vaughn-traumatic-brain-injury-cases-understanding-them-working-them-educating-others/ #law #lawyer #lawfirm #legal #tbi #tbiawareness #traumaticbraininjury #traumaticbraininjuryawareness [More]
Dr. Sana Khan from ExpertMRI in conversation with Steve Vartazarian about a recent TBI case that won $113 Million. Dr. Khan and Steve share the unfortunate incident involving a 9-year boy who sustained life-altering Traumatic [More]
Jimmy was given 0.01% chance to live. 3.5 years later his wife tells us his about his recovery story 📌 Book your FREE Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy consultation with Dr. Masha. Book now 👉 https://drmasha.com/hbot/ More [More]
Discover one individual’s powerful journey of recovery from traumatic brain injury, thanks to the groundbreaking treatments at BioXcellerator. Witness a story of hope, transformation, and resilience. #TraumaticBrainInjury #BioXcellerator #RecoveryJourney Interested In Advanced Stem Cell Therapy? [More]
Gairy Johnson CEO of TBI diagnostics and All Things Neuro With years of expertise and know-how in the healthcare space, Gairy Johnson has been instrumental in strategizing, shaping, and establishing TBI Diagnostic Centers of Georgia [More]
Retired NFL Player George Visger says various treatments including hyperbaric treatment has helped greatly with his issues with short-term memory, sleep disturbance, and anger management.
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