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Healing Through Music: Addressing Mental Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injuries | Isochronic Tones Unleash the power of music for mental well-being and traumatic brain injury recovery with Isochronic Tones. Explore therapeutic sounds that help address mental [More]
Agnes W.H. Tan Science Symposium at Viterbo University – Sept. 15, 2023 Ann McKee, MD, is William Fairfield Warren distinguished professor of neurology and pathology at Boston University and director of neuropathology for VA Boston. [More]
More than 200,000 U.S. service members have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury. And, as Mark Strassmann reports, most of them are struggling to find treatment that works and the money to pay for it.
Head injury explained।Subdural hematoma explained।SDH Causes & Types।sign & symptoms। treatment Head injury explained।Subdural hematoma explained।SDH Head injury explained।Subdural hematoma explained।SDH Causes & Types।sign & symptoms। treatment traumatic brain injury #subdural hematoma #epidural hematoma #acute [More]
Sharyn Alfonsi of “60 Minutes” reports on the impact of traumatic brain injuries suffered by combat veterans. Dr. Ann McKee, the chief neuro-pathologist at Boston VA, tells Alfonsi that brain injuries from the battlefield are [More]
**The Future of Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy & Delivery of Therapeutic Agents for Neurological Diseases** Neurovascular Ultrasound Imaging & Transcranial Doppler Spectral Analysis of Cerebral Blood Flow for Blood-Brain-Barrier Microbubble Delivery of Regenerative & Neuroprotective [More]
Graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a master’s in occupational therapy, Kylie has been an advocate throughout her career with a heavy focus on patient independence and increasing health literacy. She is currently the Clinical [More]
The Department of Defense estimates that more than 340,000 military service members have sustained a traumatic brain injury since 2000. Retired Army Sgt. 1st Class Elana Duffy – an avid rock climber – was diagnosed [More]
Traumatic Brain Injuries is the major highlight of this sqadia.com medical video lecture. This lecture is devoted towards the explication of concussion along with contusion and axonal shearing lesions. Moreover, head injuries inclduing skull fractuers [More]
Welcome to the “Demystifying Traumatic Brain Injury” video series. Throughout these videos, you will learn about some terms related to traumatic brain injury (TBI), some of which you may know and others that might be [More]
When seconds counted, John discovered just how much he could count on UC Health University Hospital’s Level I Trauma Center. On May 9, 2011, the Loveland resident and Mason police sergeant was thrown over the [More]
This is our forty-first video in our series, “52 Weeks of Personal Injury”, answering the question: What is a traumatic brain injury case worth? If you’ve been involved in an accident and have a personal [More]
Power slap is a seriously concerning show. Essentially we are watching people get head injured. I genuinely see a big difference between this and combat sports. In this video I discuss my concerns. In particular, [More]
THE BRAIN CONFERENCE 2022: Traumatic Brain Injury Session 00:00 Chair: David Sharp (Ramon Diaz-Arrastia in part) Welcome 00:36 Teaching Talk: Brian Edlow ‘Mapping the connectivity of consciousness’ 25:30 Data Blitz: Francesco Roselli ‘Chemogenetic control of [More]
According to loved ones, a scooter rider recently suffered a traumatic injury following a serious scooter crash. J.C. Sierra fell headfirst from the scooter and needed immediate brain surgery. He has been in the intensive [More]
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