Trauma Related Brain Damage Glutamate and Neurotoxicity

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Video by Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on integrative behavioral health approaches including counseling techniques and skills for improving mental health and reducing mental illness.
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Explore the effect of trauma on glutamate levels
Learn about the effects of glutamate on the brain
Explore symptoms of glutamate imbalance
Identify interventions to assist in recovery of the HPA-Axis, neurotransmitter balance and brain functioning

Moderate activation of the glutamatergic neurons plays an important role in synaptic plasticity (learning)
Glutamate enhances inflammation
The Goldilocks Principle: Too little glutamate excitation can result in difficulty concentrating or mental exhaustion. But too much can result in excitotoxicity, which can damage nerve cells (neurons)
Excess glutamate is thought to
Contribute to cell degeneration in Huntington’s Disease
Lead to acute movement disorders: tremor, gait disturbances, parkinsonism, dyskinesias and dystonias, myoclonus, and restless legs

Dopamine receptors located on the glutamatergic terminals
Enhance glutamate release (Licata and Pierce, 2003) in the presence of stimulants.
Dopamine further increased the excitatory neurotoxicity of glutamate

Normally, a stressor evokes a stress response involving the release of hormones to promote adaptation and is efficiently turned on and shut off. When the response is overused or dysregulated it leads to “pathophysiological processes” including stress-induced remodeling of the brain including neuronal death.
Trauma disrupts a sense of safety and can contribute to hypervigilance
Hypervigilance results in persistently elevated levels of cortisol and glutamate

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Adays Rapsey says:

Lovely! The answers to my questions. Thank you very much

todd bukauskas says:

Hello. I'm only 11 minutes in but I would like to dispense some nice info.

Broccoli Sprouts (not florets) are shown to reduce inflammation to such an extent that it can disarm a mistaken physiological response to inflammation.

Steven Gerrard says:

hello! just a question. could shower therapy help reduce glutamate? if so,cold or warm?

Shade Viking says:

I cannot fall asleep no matter what I think my brain is damaged I passed a thyroid test and I feel hot and like I'm over stimulated and I'm on no meds

adam Cochran says:

Can glutamate storm and trauma cause damage to gaba receptors ?

Tree Lover says:

I get migraine from eating things like bone broth that have high concentrations of glutamine. Would the interventions work to prevent this I wonder?

Filthycoffin Frankenstein says:

Hi how would a person get glutamate under control in a person that was injured by I’ve dropped cessation of 12 years benzodiazepines?

Dawn Lokki says:

This is the main cause of clinical deppresion and anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Dawn Lokki says:

Can it cause brain zaps.
I'm on lorazepam/xanax..
I get brainzaps inbetween doses..

They wake me up from sleep…
It's like a burning sensation in my neck up into my head…

I'm frightened….

RoyalCalvin says:

If one initially has positive response from NMDA antagonist, what should they consider next? In psychiatry its still on the taboo side with limited understanding. Things like dopamine and serotonin levels have been artificially messed with from all the drugs and technologies in a bad way.

Life Is Beautiful says:

So your telling me that if I just eat right and get outside into nature, I'll have better mental health 🤔

Aaron Tyler says:

When I started taking L glutamate, everything was fine. then after a week, I had very very serious mania and everything got me angry. I was depressed, anxious and anxiety was through the roof. I just wanted to jump off the building and die. At night I could not sleep. I had pins and needles feeling all over my body. The only reason I started taking it was because my coach said I needed it for recovery for training. I didn't know it was glutamate until I started doing more research and came across this video. Thank You so much !!

King Bombo says:

Omg, I’ve been searching for this for 20 years with misdirection and confusion around every corner. I’m so excited to put this knowledge into practice.

One topic not covered was the affects of consuming free glutamates for subjects that already have high levels of glutamate?

For example, would MSG make the toxicity worse?



Deffo radio says:

Theres not much good information about glutamate system! Thank you!

Sebastian H-S says:

would be interesting to know whether high glutamate levels causes stuttering. i developed stuttering when i was younger and I feel high glutamate is the reason. I had alot of tuna(mercury), and quite alot of processed foods…

Ariel Berlinghoff says:

thank you so much for uploading your videos. idk if this is a thing but last year when i went on anxiety medications i tried to explain to my doctor that my stomach literally was hot and burning and that the only thing that helped was passionflower extract it felt like a gush of cold water and they never knew what i meant but your analogies spoke to me in this webinar as well as another about the yin yang and gaba glutamate. feeling empowered thank u sm 🙏

Feart Attack says:

I have OCD. I’ve been told that OCD sufferers have higher levels of Glutamate, and have been advised to eat a diet with reduced glutamate consumption. Do you think that theirs good potential that this could help? Thanks!

Mumbos says:

ive been experiencing this as a result of an addiction that once was. i used to abuse several different dissociative drugs on top of other drugs. i have learned that they can easily cause glutamate toxicity when you abuse them in such large quantities and as often as i did, i did this for a few years too before quitting. so needless to say this is a likely condition.. the symptoms all of which ive been experiencing. however since discovering this ive learned about a lot of interesting things you can do to help recover from this toxicity. I started on agmatine, l-theanine, and ashwagandha, these have all been super helpful, various racetams also seem super promising and ill likely try them soon. eating healthy will obviously help, get exercise too and make sure you interact with people because the condition can make you feel very depersonalized at times preventing you from interacting normally.. but you have to do everything you can to help yourself recover and talking to people will help you feel more human. i let the uncomfortable symptoms prevent me from interacting with people for a few years.. but now that ive started hanging out with friends again ive noticed a huge difference at least in my mood.

John Pratt says:

Thank you for this very informative video this explains a lot!

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