Trauma, Triggers and Emotional Dysregulation: 10 Ways to Regulate Your Nervous System w/ Anna Runkle

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Check out Anna’s Daily Practice to self-regulate when triggered here:

Trauma has a massive impact on your nervous system and when you’re triggered, it’s hard to think clearly, it’s stressful and it impacts your ability to function and your relationships.
Anna Runkle, aka Crappy Childhood Fairy, has a history of Childhood Trauma, abuse and CPTSD, but she has over 20 years of healing and teaching others the techniques that work for her to calm down when triggered by trauma.
Emotional dysregulation is the term therapists use to describe what happens when your brain essentially flips into fight, flight, or freeze mode, some kind of trigger sets your brain into high-alert mode and can make it hard to think. Being dysregulated or triggered can really mess up relationships and a history of trauma leaves some people triggered or dysregulated in a chronic way, but you really can learn to regulate your nervous system using simple skills that Anna teaches in this video.

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In therapy I use a combination of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Systems Theory, positive psychology, and a bio-psycho-social approach to treating mental illness and other challenges we all face in life. The ideas from my videos are frequently adapted from multiple sources. Many of them come from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, especially the work of Steven Hayes, Jason Luoma, and Russ Harris. The sections on stress and the mind-body connection derive from the work of Stephen Porges (the Polyvagal theory), Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing) Francine Shapiro (EMDR), and Bessel Van Der Kolk. I also rely heavily on the work of the Arbinger institute for my overall understanding of our ability to choose our life’s direction.
And deeper than all of that, the Gospel of Jesus Christ orients my personal worldview and sense of security, peace, hope, and love

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Christina Horrell says:

I quite literally hate being told to breathe. Regardless of who it comes from and the voice its coming from will probably be snapped at, unintentionally. If I was breathing there would clearly be a much bigger concern than whatever is the current culprit of my disregulation or anxiety.

MA Pearce says:

What if these triggers only come out when I rock climb? I'm in therapy to help understand it but I can't do all these techniques on a mountain. Any tips?

California Doll says:

Im single and I'm soooo emotional and every little thing a man does that I dont like makss me either really angry or cry uncontrollably (sometimes both) even when I know I'm being over dramatic but I cant control my emotions.

Pineapple29 says:

Anna is a scam artist. Watch out. She lures you in just to sell you on some magic solution that doesn't fix anything. Get a real therapist

Pacifist says:

Starts at 7:06🙃

Gêmeos Lunares says:

It seems like I've been doing a lot of these automatically. Especially the cold showers. Usually after a long hot bath and/or a warm shower I'll usually shower myself in ice cold water. 144. 4144

Valence says:

It happens so fast, i don't even realize it, it is 0.3 second… And then i lose control 🙁 I Am also busy with chronic pain and have so much 24/7, fucking edd yet killing me with all of it together…

Divine Peneloppe says:

This is so helpful! Thank you so much for making this video! ❤

Paula Higgs says:

What about anxiety worse in own company , doing it alone with no one to ring or support you … through… ?fear of being alone coming home triggers me from work …and then feel worse on own at home stops me functioning .. all the symptoms in body .. racing etc

Samyra Shah says:

"Press your back into a corner and hug yourself". This is so sad. First, we can't let out our immediate emotions, then we have to self hug ourselves. I wish we as a society just loosened up a little for a while and just let ourselves be. And had each other to hug us without it seeming like a big encumbrance

Fit4Legends says:

That's why I avoid people.. to avoid listening to something or interpreting something that could trigger my anxiety

Glitchy says:

Listening to this is a trigger because I can't have a trusted source to speak to about it. Last therapist used my trauma against me and it's stressful just thinking about finding a new one. What about adult trauma along with childhood trauma?

Susette1111 says:

Wow never been able to verbalize

Hocking Hills Alive! says:

So I heard you suggest backing into a corner then hugging yourself. I thought, "naaah, really?"
Then immediately went to try it lol.
Dude, I INSTANTLY felt warmer, and smiled.
There's definitely something to that one!
I felt it, like I almost tricked my body into thinking I was receiving an embrace from an external source. It felt… GOOD.
Thanks, lovely Fairy. 😊

A W says:

Being unable to stop crying when angry/sad/touched emotionally: This has happened countless times in the most in opportune times. I felt so much shame.. Seeing others roll their eyes and click their tongue like “ there she goes again…”
Thank you for identifying this feeling, and giving coping skills. I could have used this 40-50 years ago.

Chris Hayes says:

10:54 noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

all credibility lost 😂😂😂

amelia says:

cptsd is horrifying but torture ongoing with no way out is murder whilst alive.

amelia says:

I want to know why everyone can commit to their call but I can't and instead they make me be something inhumane….I cant ever be because of evil men.I hope to God they rot in hell divine will be done. Theyve took my psychosensory processing to try and copy it…..MEN need mental help lots of them. They discharge into women reversing them and him….then she gets misdiagnosed.

Peace For The Ummah says:

Life is an experience learn to enjoy it

Besty Music says:

Hello and thanks for the video. I have experienced trauma like car accidents as a kid. I have struggled with my mental/emotional health as a adult and think it's related. Can SSRI medication help with these types of issues. Thanks.

Robin Leavy says:

Fearful avoidant attachment style. When you are in a romantic relationship
but your fear intimacy and commitment due to trauma, cptsd.

Laurie Boggs says:

Black mold and lymes!!!!

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