Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) Caused by Intimate Partner Violence

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Eve Valera, PhD, a psychiatry researcher with the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, discusses her work to better understand the prevalence of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in women who have experienced intimate partner violence and how TBIs impact victims’ everyday cognitive and physiological functioning.

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Lorne Bruce says:

Why only study women. Yet Another segregation of violence. Violence knows no gender. Everything you are saying is medically correct except it is genderized. You will never solve these social problems with social segregation. Violence knows no gender or race.

MrJudder4 says:

Please give consideration to the fact that men also suffer physical abuse from women. I have been punched, bitten, hair pulled out and kicked in the head by a woman. I would never lay a hand back. It’s been weeks now but the side of my head still hurts from her steel toe boots. She lost her weed and so she lost it on me. Women can be, and often are physically, mentally and emotionally abusive. I was also beaten by my mother from a very young age. She would hit me with anything she could get her hands on, for what, talking, walking, being a boy.

Dushyant Upadhyay says:

Sanatan dharam is only way of peace in the world

Downhomesunset says:

How come you never interviewed any men?????

Suzanne Harmony says:

Thank you for sharing this knowledge and truthful findings. 🙏🏻

Jill Sky Inness says:

This was so great to hear. I’ve struggles with memory, ringing in my ears, depression and it’s so scary. I was hit with a belt buckle in the back of my head and tossed out of my sleep into the wall head first, I’ve never been the same since. This work is so important and I felt a sense of relief hearing understanding around this situation.

Carolyn S says:

omg, this is much needed… i was punched repeatedly to the back of my head, with my baby in my arms while trying to call 911.. when the cops arrived… they did fuck all.. no Emergency Response Team, no mandatory medical assessment.. no follow up of any kind… complete ignorance of statistics.. that may have been my first 911 call.. but it sure as fuck was not the first attack. the back of my head hurt for over 2 weeks.. i was in shock for crying out loud.. no way i could get the help i needed in that state of fear and shame. Its been almost 13 years.. and I still dont have the brain function capacity i used to have.

Rajinder Singh says:

I got brain injury too from my wife. I separated, but the damage is still in one corner of my brain.

David MacKinnon says:

Fantastic work!

top metal & rock bands full metal radio says:

Thanks for making my depression worse ..this video feels sexist to me and its driving my emotion deeper …iv been through 11 years of every type of abuse by my wife that has narcissistic personality disorder I deal with every type of abuse …verbal , psychological, physical, spiritual, sexual… narcissistic abuse syndrome and like any other disorders and syndromes and I keep going through it because I have trauma bonding syndrome cognitive dissonance Etc.. I have a psychology Channel police video I feel like I needed for my own personal health .. And to gain knowledge on the brain trauma im suffering with .. and this video feels very invalidating and sexist I mean mentally exhausted overwhelmed and broken… This video did not make me feel any better and did not help me gain Medical knowledge on what I should do… also this video even for a woman did not explain anything about the brain trauma or anything medically helpful or knowledgeable you just said oh well women could suffer from brain trauma and this can happen a lot and can cause them to be extremely confused this video is not helpful anyway for man or woman

J says:

My father strangled and suffocated me for 10 years. I seemed normal except mild trouble speaking swallowing and memory and everyone thought it was shyness and adhd. In my 30s decades later, my doc explained i still have massive scar tissue around my neck, jaw and brain stem area. And absolutely have symptoms of brain damage. I was recently let go because of my low performance due to these symptoms. The impact of chronic strangulation is a life long loss.

Emily Moon says:

I received a TBI from a domestic abuse situation. My ribs were kicked and 4 broke, one went into and collapsed my lung, and steel toe boot kicks to the head causing the TBI. I also I went 3 days with very low oxygen due to the collapsed lung: terrifying. This was 6 years ago. I am now a DV advocate and am able to help other survivors💜

Tia Chia says:

Just got diagnosed. I feel like a slug.

OneOFThese NotLikeTheOther says:

These people are as evil as it gets
What I'm going through is covert narcacistic Stalking and harassmemt but I'm telling you Everytime they do these things you feel what is happening Inside your brain it's pure trauma
Only evil would do these things to another
End goal of them to program you into another one of their mask wearing heartless soulless monsters

Sophie Best says:

I absolutely needed to see this today. I'm always so frustrated by my memory loss and inability to pay attention and problem solve!! It's not all day every day but frequent enough… I agree more research please..

Dippy's Mom says:

I'm glad I found this video. I was hit in the head 1-2 times per week for about three years. I used to have a great memory. Now I'm almost 30 and have to write everything or I'll forget. I forget so many things now and always wondered if it was because of how many times I was hit in the head. I wonder what the domestic violence survivor and football players have in common with brain injuries.

Veo 16 says:

Strange claims. How do you validate a brain injury? If it is self reported, reliability goes out the window. “More than they can count” hints at no proper evaluation being done. Asking surveyed persons to count number of hits to the head doesn’t equate to a trauma to the head.

courag1 says:

It isn't just to the head, any place on the body which has been injured becomes a target and the man likes to do this "accidentally". No, if he kicks your 4 days out of a week but doesn't bump into anyone in a crosswalk or have "accidents" at work or hurt anyone else "accidentally" — it is no accident.

algerianhistory says:

I was in TWO long term abusieve relationships and now my brain is damaged

algerianhistory says:

I need help. Im now53 and I was beaten from 23 to 34 and from 37 and 48 and now i cant remember things

J. Heng says:

I pray more research is done on this. It is very unfortunate and unfair for victims who escape these experiences to endure such lasting consequences. I hope as this information is made known to the public. Then victims may be more inclined to run from domestic violence and protect themselves. In turn, I hope law enforcement and the courts will recognize the enduring injuries and punish the perpetrators accordingly. Appreciate your work behind this, Dr. Valera. Thank you.

Molly O says:

Amen, someone finally gets it! There should be a law where it’s mandatory for hospitals to do a mri if it’s a dv case, even if they are seen for a broken leg. thanks for doing this video..

MariJane Tarot says:

The situation after a TBI has happened to me. This is true and very serious.

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