Traumatic Brain Injury: Concussion Recovery and Post-Concussion Syndrome

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Immediate return to play or strict bedrest for a week? The truth is in the middle, and it’s all about listening to your body!

In this video I talk about the appropriate steps in concussion recovery, and how we manage ongoing concussion symptoms with Post-Concussion Syndrome.

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@Combostoked says:

Great video!

I have a question:
I had a concussion about 6 weeks ago, since then I have slowly been recovering, although I am still symptomatic (headaches). I have been able to do steady-state cardio at 80% of my HR max for 3 weeks now. Am I ready to now start doing other types of exercise like weight lifting and rock climbing? Or should I wait with these kinds of anaerobic exercises until I am not symptomatic anymore? Hope you can give me some insights!

@sejalr8750 says:

How do you treat noise and light sensitivity in PCS?

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