Traumatic brain injury: pathology review

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What is a traumatic brain injury? TBIs occur when a head trauma leads to temporary or permanent brain dysfunction.

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Cristian Dominguez says:

lmaooo this channel cannot be that good, gracias osmosis

Cristian Dominguez says:


GOP Яepublican Caliphate of Texas says:

I'm learning about this too. Also the medical system for those of us without regular income can be and is brutal. When you see videos on TV you're only seeing half the story if that. I think the brain is the most neglected organ in the Western medical system. Thanks so much for educating on some of those effects.

Mosin Chilem says:

Had a serious TBI in 1998 in a car accident when I was a kid, stayd in a coma for a month.
I'm super messy, lose all my stuff everytime, get addicted to mostly everything I touch (drugs, video games…), Frequent depressions and burn outs, cannot manage having any relationship because of my way of being/life. The only thing I could manage well was having a PhD and being successful at studies and work, which is/was mostly due to the good social conditions I've lived in.
I would say for people suffering from TBI, just focus on what you are good at, and try to not be too terrible at the rest. However, the older I get the more I feel this accident made me weird/different, i'm pretty sure this is gonna last my whole life. Complaining on it won't help it will still be there, but you need to try limiting its effects on your life.

Arnold Schafernaker says:

Brain tumor and Traumatic Brain Injury have almost similar symptoms. How do you distinguish between them?

Murtaja Ali says:

Thank you for this amazing video, I really interested in studying this information with osmosis.❤️🥰

Mimo Amine says:

At 8:29 you misplaced the arrows for the Anterior Cerebral Artery and the Anterior Communicating Artery
Great video nonetheless

Chris O Leary says:

Got assaulted when I was 19 recovered ok but I’m 40 now and I’m struggling big time. Very scary as I have 2 young kids and a partner who I adore, feel like I’m gonna die young and I’m petrified as my life has never been better. So sad 😞

Ethan says:

Who even needs med school any more.

mokh les says:

10:53 that's an MRI .

Malak Hroub says:

Thank you, Osmosis! I liked showing the cases at the beginning, then explaining them at the end, it helps retaining info…. great job!!!!

kapil kumar says:

Excellent video. Thank you so much.

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