Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Recovery using Physical and Speech Therapy

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Angela’s therapists share their insights on the various treatments they used to speed the recovery process.

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Teegan McPherson says:

I hit my head last year in may and i was unconscious for like 4 seconds but i feel fine now, but the only thing i struggle with is anxiety, depression and short term memory loss. I feel like i’ll never be my old self again and that is what scares me.

Jass Rajput says:

Hello, my 2 & 1/2 year old son fell from bike accidentally, CT scan shows linear undisplaced skull fracture on right side. His ear drum also damaged a little as doctor said. Now after 3 days we observed face disorientation. He is speaking properly but his behavior is very irritating. Can it be cured by physiotherapy? Please advise

Asia Pooler says:

Wow I had a tbi and I also had speech therapy occupational therapy and physical therapy I had to learn how to walk again and talk again I’m a miracle a drunk driver hit me and left me on side of the road the interstate and I went out the window and a anesthesiologists happened to be driving behind me and he happened to see the whole thing and he saved my life did cpr on me and I was on life support for 3 weeks and I’m still recovering now the accident was November 26th 2019 so I’m almost back to myself

Brianna Hayes says:

Why is occupational therapy not included in this video? OT in instrumental in recovery after brain injury.

Lucas Radovanovici says:

Amazing!! I don’t understand HOW nobody comments! A tbi happens every 15 seconds! That’s a lot!! Cmon people! It’s 2019!!

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