Treatment for Diffuse Axonal Injury | Quick Look | No. 4242

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Treatment for Diffuse Axonal Injury shows improvement such as
Improved walking
Can crawl independently
Truncal balance is better
Can kneel independently

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Neha Pandey says:

Mere husband ko v hua plzz help me

Regina Odon1 says:

hello were from philippines in pangasinan may brother diagnose to have a defuse axonal injury severe!and where very worried for his condtion,can u help us what does it mean,to a patient that have a condition like that

Gopinath Mohan says:

Shraddha Bahekar I need to speak to you.please give u r number sir . please

Gopinath Mohan says:

My father is also suffering from DAI for 1 year. plz help me.he met an critical accident .plz plz help

Shraddha Bahekar says:

My father is suffering from DIA.plz help me.

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