[TRS Podcast] Eric Freitag: Concussions, Recovery, and the Action Plan You Need at the Ready

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Dr. Eric Freitag is a licensed clinical psychologist, board-certified neuropsychologist, and certified Emergency Medical Technician. His clinical expertise includes assessing and treating dementia, traumatic brain injury, and sports concussions. He is the founder and Executive Director of the Mt. Diablo Memory Center.

Dr. Freitag works extensively with individuals who have experienced sport-related concussions, including current and retired professional athletes and collegiate and high school student-athletes. He previously served as the Co-Director of the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland Sports Concussion Program. He is a consultant with UC Berkeley and St. Mary’s College sports medicine departments and works with several Bay Area high schools. Prior to their departure to Las Vegas, Dr. Freitag served as the NFL Neuropsychological Consultant to the Oakland Raiders.

We found this conversation critical for understanding concussions and having an action plan for treatment from the moment of injury. It is a must listen for parents of youth athletes and coaches alike!

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@coachcadden says:

1:03:51 I found a test called a Buffulo Test, linking heart rate with symptomology. Is this still current data?

@coachcadden says:

58:56 To put some statistics put there, I heard a 1% increase in neck strength had a 5% reduction in concussion injuries. However I doubt this will be a linear improvement, as you'd only need a 20% increase in strength to totally avoid concussion 😂

@coachcadden says:

What can we use as baseline/nonconcussion performance tests?

@shaktidevii says:

Awesome 🙏🏽🌞❤️ fantastic topic looking forward to listening

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